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Christmas Jackpot: Bettor Wins $1M After Betting $30 On Turkish/English Soccer Matches.

One anonymous bettor will be celebrating Christmas with over a $1 million haul after betting on a pair of soccer matches predicting and wagering the correct results on its half-time and full-time scores. After just investing $30 on a "parlay" bet, the unnamed bettor and account holder of online sportsbook,, became a millionaire overnight and richer these holidays.

The lucky pundit's predictions were; in the Turkish Cup second stage match between Giresunspor and Genclerbirligi, a 2-0 half-time lead for Giresunspor and a 2-2 full-time result last Tuesday, Dec. 23; in the English FA Trophy match between Welling United and Ebbsfleet, a 2-0 half-time lead for Welling United and a 2-2 regular time score last Wednesday, Dec. 24. Ebbsfleet won the game, 3-2 after the extra period but for betting purposes in this specific wagering line only the regulation time score is considered.

"This bet will surely go down in history as one of the all-time greatest,"'s Christian Jantzen said via an article from The Daily Mail. "It's going to be one very merry Christmas for this particular Sportsbet customer and even though it's cost us a small fortune, we're genuinely excited for them."

Combined, or called a "parlay" in betting parlance, the four betting lines had a 35,740/1 betting odds. For the uninitiated in sports betting that means for every $1 wager a $35,740 payout is credited. In this case, the $30 bet became $1,064,100!

How did the lucky bettor win this one? In the Giresunspor vs. Genclerbirligi in Turkey, the last goal came at the 80th minute from a player named Kahveci, which means he was roughly 10 minutes away from losing the entire parlay bet. In the Welling-Ebbsfleet match, the last goal came at the 82nd minute, which means that he was roughly eight minutes away from missing out on a million dollars.

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Date:Dec 26, 2014
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