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Christina's World: Andrew Wyeth.

32" x 47" (81 cm x 119 cm), tempera, 1948. Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Do you have a good friend that you have known for a long time? Do you enjoy being together? Have you ever walked together through the woods or across a big open field? Maybe you chase each other through the grass. You probably walk and run many places outdoors.

Andrew Wyeth is an American painter. His father was an artist. Andrew was always interested in painting. He loved to paint in the old medium called egg tempera. Andrew lived in Maine. He painted the people and places he knew there. One day he visited a family named Olson and became friends with them. He visited them often on their farm. A special friendship developed between Christina Olson and Andrew.

Andrew painted Christina several times. Once, he was painting a picture of her in an upstairs room of the Olson's farmhouse. Andrew thought she had not seen his painting. But one day he found out that she had peeked at the painting. He saw marks in the dust of the floor. Christina had pulled herself up the stairs and across the floor to see the painting.

Andrew called this painting Christina's World. Christina could not walk or run across the field with her friend Andrew. A disease had taken away the strength in her legs. It would be pleasant for you or Andrew to walk across this quiet field to the buildings on the top of the hill. For Christina, however, it is a long and hard journey. She has to drag her body along with her arms. What is Andrew Wyeth telling us about Christina's world? How big is it? Is it like your world? Why or why not?

A Painting or Drawing to Try

Think about one of your very good friends.

What is special about him or her?

What do you like to do together?

Make a picture showing your friend doing something which is special to him or her.

You may want to include yourself.

You may want to include only your friend.

Include the buildings or natural things that are around you when you and your friend do this favorite thing.

Tell other people about your friend and the picture you have made about him or her.

Words to discuss:

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