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Christie's to offer Egyptian artefacts to be auctioned.

Following a chain of ancient Egyptian artefacts that are auctioned for individuals to purchase, Cristie's Auction House announced putting dozens of Egyptian antiquities up for auction, which is set to take place on 3 July.

The antiquities verified that belong to several periods in the ancient Pharaonic times. Under the name of "Antiquities," the booklet displayed around 40 statues, some of them featuring Egyptian goddesses.

Among the statues to be auctioned is a bronze statue of Ihy, which dates back to the Late Period among the 26 th and 30 th Dynasties.

Ihy, whose name means the "sistrum player," is the son of Horus and the goddess Hourth. He is always featured playing the sistrum, a musical instrument played by ancient Egyptians.

Another statue dating to the 26 th Dynasty is a bronze kneeling pharaoh that is expected to be sold for e1/435,000-55,000.

The statue features a pharaoh kneeling on his knees and holding in his hands two pots as offerings to gods. He is featured wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt.

Wadjet-Baset is the name of another statue offered for auction. The statue features a goddess sitting with the face of a lion, while her head is topped with a cobra. It combines between two goddesses of Upper Egypt: Baset, the protector of Upper Egypt represented by the face of the lion, and Wadjet, represented by the cobra. The sun-facing cobra also represents the Nile Delta. The statue, like many others of the same era, features two combined aspects in one entity.

A limestone relief from the Old Kingdom is also offered at the auction. The relief dates back to the 5 th Dynasty and is engraved with three females holding baskets above their heads that are believed to hold loaves of bread, with further offerings in their hands.

Earlier in May, Christie's Auction House also put up for auction a rare book that describes Egypt. The original version of the rare book describes Egypt's landscapes, culture, and traditions through the eyes of the French army during its expedition.

The book is the first descriptive book that features all of Egypt's landscapes and places.

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Date:Jun 19, 2018
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