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Time and transcendence: ethical values in theological perspective. Damian, Theodor Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2019 4335
The Beatitudes in the Age of Me First. O'Malley, William J. May 3, 2019 737
Mary, Unity, and the Pathos for Equality: Alexander Schmemann's "Scandalous" Embrace of Difference. Kaethler, Andrew T.J. Mar 22, 2019 6872
Panel: 'Seamless garment' unites Catholics on life. Griffin, Beth Conference news Jan 11, 2019 879
Moral Theology in a Digital Age: Retrieving the Past for the Future. Delicata, Nadia Essay Jun 1, 2018 8004
"Fake It Until You Make It:" A Reflection on Film, Hypocrisy, and Christian Ethics. Bartley, William Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 10860
Dependent or Independent? Toward a Christian Way of Thinking about Saving and Wealth. Littlejohn, W. Bradford Essay Sep 22, 2016 4434
Are ethics everything? Lindvall, Michael L. Apr 25, 2016 619
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 89, No. 4, Fall 2015. Dec 1, 2015 1053
Biblical ethics: 3D. Chan, Lucas Essay Mar 1, 2015 8003
Commercialization and microfinance interest rates: Usury or just prices? Wong, Kenman; Richards, Donovan Essay Sep 22, 2014 9310
The heresy of white christianity. Albrecht, Gloria Conference notes Sep 1, 2014 2773
Natural law and public discourse: the legacies of Joseph Ratzinger. Hittinger, F. Russell Jun 22, 2014 12865
The market economy and Christian ethics: Refocusing debate through the two-kingdoms doctrine. VanDrunen, David Report Mar 22, 2014 15442
Has the silence been broken? Catholic theological ethics and racial justice. Massingale, Bryan N. Mar 1, 2014 11210
Law to the next level. Karban, Roger Vermalen Jan 31, 2014 838
Margaret Farley: the embrace of love and justice. Delgado, Teresa Oct 11, 2013 1543
Charles Curran: a passion for god's people. Traina, Cristina L.H. Oct 11, 2013 1021
Jean Pierre Gury's sources: a missing chapter in the history of double effect. Fleming, Julia Essay Jun 1, 2013 10393
Virtue ethics: natural and Christian. Lawler, Michael G.; Salzman, Todd A. Essay Jun 1, 2013 14933
Moral theology in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: the pentangle, the Green Knight, and the perfection of virtue. Beauregard, David N. Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 7347
Family ethics: beyond sex and controversy. Rubio, Julie Hanlon Essay Mar 1, 2013 10499
Vatican II and theological ethics. Keenan, James F.S.J. Essay Mar 1, 2013 12801
According to the gospel. Seastrand, Paul J. Essay Oct 1, 2012 3929
Divergences in an expansive discipline: how should we study Christian ethics? Hicks, Jane Essay Oct 1, 2012 4327
Lawyering in the Christian colony: some Hauerwasian themes, reflections, and questions. Wendel, W. Bradley Sep 22, 2012 11141
Mistakes about intention in the law of bioethics. Moreland, Michael P. Sep 22, 2012 12198
Healing memory, ontological intimacy, and U.S. imprisonment: toward a Christian politics of "good punishment" in civil society. Logan, James Sep 22, 2012 4479
Hauerwasian Christian legal theory. Skeel, David A., Jr. Sep 22, 2012 9524
Hauerwas and the law: framing a productive conversation. Kaveny, Cathleen Sep 22, 2012 12655
Hauerwas, liberalism, and public reason: terms of engagement? Macedo, Stephen Sep 22, 2012 10006
A dialogue between a theologian and a lawyer. Powell, H. Jefferson; Hauerwas, Stanley Sep 22, 2012 5696
Hauerwas on "Hauerwas and the law": trying to have something to say. Hauerwas, Stanley Sep 22, 2012 10198
Theologians meet to reflect on India's moral issues. Keenan, James F. Conference notes Aug 31, 2012 1124
Toward a political theology of refugee resettlement. Ralston, Joshua Essay Jun 1, 2012 12746
On ovarian tissue transplantation and the metaphysics of self-recognition: a response to Paul Lauritzen and Andrea Vicini. Austriaco, Nicanor Pier Giorgio Essay Jun 1, 2012 3698
Humanitas in Cicero's moral philosophy and its Christian reception. Scheck, Thomas P. Mar 22, 2012 3909
Global security and Catholicism: Augustine, Aquinas, Teilhard, and the dawn of Noopolitik. Sukys, Paul Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 15610
The recovery of Aquinas's action theory: a reply to William Murphy. Selling, Joseph A. Essay Mar 1, 2012 5732
Living the truth: fundamental theological ethics. Keenan, James F. Essay Mar 1, 2012 7971
Catholic silence on football risks: while studies raise alarm about long-term effects of repeated blows to head, there is little discussion of ethics. Briggs, Ken Feb 3, 2012 1359
Caritas in Veritate and the market economy: how do we reconcile traditional Christian ethics with economic analysis of social systems? Oslington, Paul Essay Sep 22, 2011 4982
A common front among Christians. Alfeyev, Hilarion Apr 1, 2011 1833
Clerical and religious child abuse: Ireland and beyond. Hogan, Linda Essay Mar 1, 2011 7997
'We cannot put our heads in the sand'. Curran, Charles E. Sep 3, 2010 1085
Trent launches world revolution in theology. Allen, John L., Jr. Sep 3, 2010 947
The changing face(s) of moral theology. Keenan, James F. Conference news Sep 3, 2010 531
History of abortion teaching is complex. McBrien, Richard P. Column Aug 6, 2010 792
Hospitality, a moral imperative. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Jul 9, 2010 781
Theology and climate change. Wolf, Jakob Report Jul 1, 2010 2577
The urgency of civility. Wallis, Jim Editorial Dec 1, 2009 857
Fundamental moral theology: tradition. Keenan, James F. Essay Mar 1, 2009 8152
Social and economic ethics. Hinze, Christine Firer Essay Mar 1, 2009 8478
Church, state, and Catholic ethics: the Kenyan dilemma. Orobator, Agbonkhianmeghe E. Essay Mar 1, 2009 1721
Religion and politics: U.S.A. Cahill, Lisa Sowle Mar 1, 2009 2517
What would Jesus do ... if he were a lawyer? Hanson, F. Allan Nov 1, 2008 3461
Christ in '08. Sweas, Megan Brief article Nov 1, 2008 173
An African moral theology of inculturation: methodological considerations. Odozor, Paulinus Ikechukwu Essay Sep 1, 2008 12427
When "meats are like medicines": Vitoria and Lessius on the role of food in the duty to preserve life. Fleming, Julia Mar 1, 2008 7696
Crises and other developments. Keenan, James F. Mar 1, 2008 8386
Jesus' prohibition of anger (MT 5:22): the person/sin distinction from Augustine to Aquinas. Mattison, William C. III Report Dec 1, 2007 12777
Peter Wimsey and Precious Ramotswe: castaway detectives and companionate marriage. LaGrand, Virginia; Mattson, Craig E. Jun 22, 2007 13685
Principle, narrative, commandment. Jacobs, Alan Jun 22, 2007 4004
Pandemic justice. Lebacqz, Karen Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2007 7651
Guest editorial. Keenan, James F. Column Mar 1, 2007 918
Consumerism and Christian ethics. Himes, Kenneth R. Mar 1, 2007 9553
The ethics of prayer in counseling. Weld, Chet; Eriksen, Karen Jan 1, 2007 6562
Intuition and moral theology. Hoose, Bernard Sep 1, 2006 11089
Use only as directed: charges of heresy should not be tossed about casually. But when it comes to the basics of our belief, we still need to call it like it is. Johnson, Luke Timothy Aug 1, 2006 713
Peace cops? Christian peacemaking and the implications of a global police force. Winright, Tobias Mar 1, 2006 1794
Fundamental moral theology at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Keenan, James F. Mar 1, 2006 9265
Bonhoeffer was wrong. Schroth, Raymond A. Jan 27, 2006 1313
American liberal theology: crisis, irony, decline, renewal, ambiguity. Dorrien, Gary Jan 1, 2006 10955
God in your grace, transform our lives. Newland-Martin, Sarah Jan 1, 2006 1679
Professing faith: the battle of Intelligent Design vs. evolution is popularly cast as Christianity vs. science, religion vs. Enlightenment. At the nation's largest Baptist university, the battle is Christian vs. Christian, and all the bloodier. Houppert, Karen Dec 1, 2005 3900
Beware the imposter: there is only one true meal in a seeming spiritual smorgasbord. Webber, David Sep 1, 2005 1656
Claiming the joy of our faith. MacLachlan, Amy Jul 1, 2005 537
From chaos to hope! Fee, Richard Jun 1, 2005 861
Ministry in the name of Jesus: he establishes a standard of excellence. Fee, Richard Jun 1, 2005 558
Aspen rebirth: easter is about the formation of a resurrection community. Webber, David Apr 1, 2005 1612
The temptations of Christ. Gumbleton, Thomas Mar 11, 2005 413
Pope laments lessons not learned from 20th century: today's totalitarianism is economics, he says. Thavis, John Mar 4, 2005 916
Christians battle over a sponge; left and right exchange in semantic pot-shots. Faiz, Andrew Mar 1, 2005 776
Dealing with septic experiences: a scriptural waste management plan for sin. Webber, David Mar 1, 2005 1545
Acceptance and love are uphill journeys; remembering acts of horror is a call to action. Fee, Richard Mar 1, 2005 803
Where are you going, my little one? Fetal reduction. Laurence, Lianne Nov 1, 2004 824
High stakes for church and state: for many people of faith, the elections have shown that what is needed is nothing short of a new confession of Christ. Wallis, Jim Cover Story Nov 1, 2004 3332
One God of us all. Gumbleton, Thomas Sep 17, 2004 425
Dissent and the death penalty. Jul 2, 2004 1019
Purity matters. Ulrich, Mariette Column Jul 1, 2004 771
Reform begins in inferior renewal. Macy, Gary Brief Article May 21, 2004 328
Notes on moral theology: fundamental moral theology at the beginning of the new millennium: looking back, looking forward. Keenan, James F. Mar 1, 2004 10125
Tangled web: following Jesus' advice about loving our enemies is not only good for our enemies, it's good for us. Camille, Alice Column Feb 1, 2004 2124
Making Christmas relevant to a suffering people. Komakoma, Joe Excerpt Jan 9, 2004 375
A closer walk with thee: you have to be quiet if you want to wake the baby Jesus in your life. In a noisy, busy world, the silence and solitude of contemplation are essential elements in our Advent search for the newborn kingdom. Camille, Alice Column Dec 1, 2003 1811
Let's not condemn condoms in the fight against AIDS: a South African bishop who faces the daily reality of AIDS in his diocese urges the church to reconsider its ban on condoms to stop the spread of HIV. It's not only a matter of chastity, he says, but one of justice--and a prolife issue as well. Dowling, Kevin Nov 1, 2003 2662
Bishops issue call to political responsibility. Editorial Oct 24, 2003 996
A crisis of caring: a Catholic critique of American welfare reform. Rougeau, Vincent D. Sep 22, 2003 8519
'Do not cling to me': following Jesus assures us of many things, but not that we're always right. Williams, Rowan Jul 1, 2003 1907
Santorum's remarks draw both affirmation, criticism from Catholics. (Nation). Donovan, Gill May 9, 2003 1612
We're not a Christian country. (Viewpoint). O'Leary, Jim May 2, 2003 1085
Free enough to care. (Reflections). Nigro, Laura J Apr 1, 2003 639
Why be moral? Social contract theory versus Kantian-Christian morality. Clark, Kelly James Essay Mar 22, 2003 7798
God, our rock, our strength. (Reflection). Arns, Paulo Evaristo, Cardinal Mar 14, 2003 1392
Following Jesus. (spirituality cafe). Hendrickson, Mary Lynn Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 157
Piet Fransen's research on fides et mores. Stagaman, David Mar 1, 2003 3573
Marriage: developments in Catholic theology and ethics. (Notes On Moral Theology). Cahill, Lisa Sowle Mar 1, 2003 12377
The broken wings of eros: Christian ethics and the denial of desire. (Notes On Moral Theology). Black, Peter Mar 1, 2003 9705
The open debate: moral theology and the lives of gay and lesbian persons. (Notes On Moral Theology). Keenan, James F. Mar 1, 2003 10688
Case study: the Focolare movement--evangelization and contemporary culture. Jan 1, 2003 3348
Alternative Catholic views on abortion. (Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights). Jurkewicz, Regina Soares Jan 1, 2003 1667
Evil is never positive. Editorial Oct 1, 2002 884
Crossing boundaries: virtue or vice for the twenty-first century? Crysdale, Cynthia S.W. Sep 22, 2002 6451
What would Jesus do? (OP-ED). Dawson, Shawn Sep 22, 2002 1031
The natural-law tradition in Christian social ethics. Grabill, Stephen J. Editorial Sep 22, 2002 872
Under which god? U.S. policy toward Iraq reveals what deity we follow. (Viewpoint). Harak, G. Simon Sep 6, 2002 677
Recovering the gifts of the Holy Spirit in moral theology. Bouchard, Charles E. Sep 1, 2002 9416
Heritage and discovery: a framework for moral theology. Crysdale, Cynthia S.W. Sep 1, 2002 8915
The Judas in us: though we may see ourselves in scripture's moral cowards, we have a second chance. (testaments). Camille, Alice Mar 1, 2002 1969
From the editor's desk. Fahey, Michael A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 958
Authority in the church. (Notes On Moral Theology). Hoose, Bernard Abstract Mar 1, 2002 7501
Moral theology in Latin America. (Notes On Moral Theology). Brackley, Dean; Schubeck, Thomas L. Abstract Mar 1, 2002 16145
The silence of Cain. (Spirituality). Berger, Rose Marie Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 715
Lucy. DOYLE, BRIAN Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 1699
From classroom to Capitol. MALCOLM, TERESA Mar 2, 2001 2529
Students learn lobbying and a lot more. Brief Article Mar 2, 2001 538
Do you see what I see? MCGRATH, TOM Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 768
COMMUNITIES OF CHARACTER. Schultze-Grijalva, George E. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 755
NOTES ON RICHARD A. McCORMICK. Curran, Charles E. Sep 1, 2000 4137
MAINSTREAMING JUSTICE. Dolan-Henderson, Susan Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 832
Ecclesiology and Ethics. Rasmusson, Arne Apr 1, 2000 8450
An unlikely heroine. DeMarco, Donald Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 849
Christian ethics and the teaching of introductory economics. Stapleford, John E. Essay Mar 22, 2000 8260
ALL I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM HANK WILLIAMS. Fillingim, David Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 727
Christianity, Magnanimity, and Statesmanship. Holloway, Carson Sep 22, 1999 9149
EVIL never looked so good. Elshtain, Jean Bethke Jul 1, 1999 1611
Gilbert Tunney's million dollar question. HANNON, PATRICK Jul 1, 1999 1354
Euthanasia. Ryan, Peter Jul 1, 1999 3210
The moral consequences of impatience. O'Sullivan, John Jun 1, 1999 7389
Teaching Christian ethics in Russian public schools: the testing of Russia's church-state boundaries. Glanzer, Perry L. Mar 22, 1999 9346
The economic personalism of John Paul II: neither right nor left. Finn, Daniel Rush Critical essay Mar 22, 1999 6051
Ten Commandments or ten suggestions. Nicholson, David R. Jan 1, 1999 359
The via media of Paul Ramsey's political ethics. McKenzie, Michael Jan 1, 1999 8342
Protestant salutes John Paul the great. Leishman, Rory Nov 1, 1998 6555
Cost of moral apathy. Adamick, Paula Oct 1, 1998 869
Slouching toward Gomorrha. Book Review Oct 1, 1998 1430
Economic religion versus Christian values. Nelson, Robert H. Critical essay Oct 1, 1998 6329
We can love the sinner, but morality demands we go on hating the sin. Kennedy, Eugene Sep 25, 1998 778
The tarnished golden rule (Luke 6:31): the inescapable radicalness of Christian ethics. Topel, John Sep 1, 1998 5874
Cry for meaning: discovering the true humanness in a spiritual dimension. Rienks, Gabe May 1, 1998 1028
"Moral values" not enough. Apr 1, 1998 318
Moral theology out of Western Europe. Keenan, James F.; Kopfensteiner, Thomas R. Mar 1, 1998 14126
Worthy of their labours: creating God's kingdom--a world without fear where people care about each other. Taylor, Jim (American writer) Sep 1, 1997 757
James and the poor bunch ... God identifies with the poor. Siverns, Ted Sep 1, 1997 903
Teaching moral values: an uphill struggle in a secular society. Guarino, Jean Sep 1, 1997 667
Introduction to the Johannesburg papers. Best, Thomas F.; Robra, Martin Jul 1, 1997 632
Moral formation and everyday issues: response to the paper of John de Gruchy. Kassmann, Margot Jul 1, 1997 3269
Moral formation and Christian worship. Guroian, Vigen Jul 1, 1997 3726
Moral formation and liturgy: a response to Vigen Guroian. Forrester, Duncan B. Jul 1, 1997 2721
Heart of virtue. Book Review Jun 1, 1997 1040
The religious ethics of Edward Bellamy and Jonathan Edwards. Hall, Richard A. Spurgeon Mar 22, 1997 9891
The Catholic identity of Catholic institutions. Curran, Charles E. Mar 1, 1997 9319
"Direct" and "indirect" in Grisez's moral theory. Porter, Jean Dec 1, 1996 11121
Divine-command, natural-law, and mutual-love ethics. Vacek, Edward Collins Dec 1, 1996 10493
Winds of change bring a 'paradigm shift'; now faithful must speak up. Cooke, Bernard Cover Story Aug 9, 1996 3999
"Turn to God - Rejoice in Hope!" An approach to the theme of the Eighth Assembly of the WCC. Best, Thomas F. Jul 1, 1996 8597
Love versus lust. Donald DeMarco May 1, 1996 926
King Midas story, then as now, lacks happy ending: this society is taking on more of the characteristics of so-called underdeveloped countries; an ever-widening gap between a growing class of have-nots. Editorial Mar 1, 1996 780
Men vs. women: do they sin differently? Gudorf, Christine E. Nov 1, 1995 5608
Will modern pilgrims help us progress? Aguinaco, Carmen Nov 1, 1995 1215
God grant us the grace to be one. McClory, Robert Nov 1, 1995 1556
Revisioning natural law: from the classicist paradigm to emergent probability. Crysdale, Cynthia S.W. Sep 1, 1995 10673
Who's sorry now? Dreyer, Elizabeth A. Aug 1, 1995 2027
Ecclesiology and ethics: a reformed perspective. Forrester, Duncan B. Apr 1, 1995 3842
Ecclesiology and ethics: reflections by an Orthodox theologian. Clapsis, Emmanuel Apr 1, 1995 8641
Ethical reflections among the churches: a free church perspective. Castro, Emilio Apr 1, 1995 6466
Moral community and moral formation. Rasmussen, Larry Apr 1, 1995 4088
No amnesty for sorrow: the privilege of the poor in Christian social ethics. O'Neill, William Dec 1, 1994 8507
Some early reactions to 'Veritatis spendor.' (encyclical letter signed August 6, 1993) McCormick, Richard Arthur Sep 1, 1994 11295
Scotus's method in ethics: not to play God - a reply to Thomas Shannon. Santogrossi, Ansgar Jun 1, 1994 7985
Awaken to love. de Mello, Anthony Apr 1, 1994 5367
The unity of the Church as a moral community: some comments on "Costly Unity." (Churches in Solidarity with Women: A Mid-Decade Assessment) Root, Michael Apr 1, 1994 5281
Development in moral doctrine. Noonan, John T., Jr. Dec 1, 1993 7268
Globalization and the autonomy of moral reasoning: an essay in fundamental moral theology. Kopfensteiner, Thomas R. Sep 1, 1993 11429
Ressentiment and the preferential option for the poor. Byrne, Patrick H. Jun 1, 1993 12520
Method in ethics: a Scotistic contribution. Shannon, Thomas A. Jun 1, 1993 9732
Moral methodology and pastoral responsiveness: the case of abortion and the care of children. Whitmore, Todd David Jun 1, 1993 10501
The magisterium and morality. Spohn, William C. Mar 1, 1993 7348
Talking of God - but with whom? Verhey, Allen D. Jul 1, 1990 3926

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