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Christian Moerlein springs into Bock.

Christian Moerlein springs into Bock

During the Middle Ages in and around the city of Einbeck, Germany, monks produced the first batch of dark, foamy beer. The hearty brew was used to sustain them through the long Lenten period of fasting. After years of repeating this process, the beer became synonymous with spring, and is still brewed once a year as a "Spring Tonic." Today, the tradition of producing a special spring beer is being kept alive and full of flavor in Hudepohl-Schoenling's Christian Moerlein Bock beer.

Brewed in accordance to Germany's centuries-old purity laws, or Reinheitsgebot, Christian Moerlein's Bock delivers "a nutritious, full-bodied taste that is distinctive of a rich brewing tradition," according to the Cincinnati-based brewer.

The Bock is due to reach retail stores in a single-serve, 24-oz. can.

"We expect the new 24-oz. can to be a most popular package size for our seasonal beer," said Mike Schott, vice president sales and marketing, Hudepohl-Schoenling. "Historically, we've sold our Bock in both 12-oz. and 32-oz. glass packages, with the 32-oz. far outselling the smaller package. The label has been designed to be representative of classic imported beers rather than what one usually equates with large volume packages."

Christian Moerlein Bock is expected to be in full distribution across the country by March 1. Paper point-of-sale items have been produced to support the package at the retail level.

Hudepohl-Schoenling also recently announced that it plans to introduce Little Kings Cream Ale in the larger 24-oz. cans later this month.

"Given the recent increase in F.E.T., the 24-oz. can package presents wholesalers with an opportunity to develop a program to hit an attractive price point on a large-size single-serve package. As far as the value conscious consumer is concerned, the can graphics reinforce the perception of a super-premium product at an affordable price."

PHOTO : CHRISTIAN MOERLEIN springs into Bock this year.
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Title Annotation:Christian Moerlein Bock Beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 18, 1991
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