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The big question: Mistakes happen, but which ones will most likely get an appraiser sued? Jan 1, 2019 829
Finding fault: Why are disciplinary complaints filed against appraisers, who files them--and who wins? Sep 22, 2018 751
Form with Function: Launch your valuation firm with the right business entity form to minimize liability and tax costs. Sep 22, 2018 1589
Double trouble: How risky are hybrid appraisals, and where do the hazards lurk? Jun 22, 2018 945
Fact vs. fiction: Don't let these four appraiser liability myths trip you up. Mar 22, 2018 893
Storm damages: Don't let a natural disaster become a liability problem. Jan 1, 2018 1018
Take a seat: Appraisers shouldn't let liability fears prevent them from sitting in an arbitrator's chair. Sep 22, 2017 789
Independent minded: Classifying appraisers as independent contractors is a hot issue that sends chills through the valuation profession. Sep 22, 2017 2076
Serve and protect: what supervisors need to know about trainees and liability issues. Jun 22, 2017 924
Lessons learned: whatever happened with those three big appraisal liability cases? Mar 22, 2017 999
Engagement agreements revisited: three provisions that probably aren't in your engagement agreements--but perhaps should be. Mar 22, 2017 1772
Gut check: beware reliance language that can substantially increase liability risk. Jan 1, 2017 1013
Take action. Sep 22, 2016 805
The grass is not always greener: appraiser liability in the US doesn't look so bad when compared with other countries. Sep 22, 2016 1796
Freedom of information: free legal research sites can lead appraisers to valuable information--and Area 51. Jun 22, 2016 840
Equal opportunity are AMCs as vulnerable to liability as appraisers? Mar 22, 2016 760
Hazardous waters: the specter of mass litigation directed at appraisers gets more frightening. Jan 1, 2016 815
The witness trap: how appraisers can avoid transforming from expert witness to defendant. Sep 22, 2015 1014
Gathering storm: a torrent of litigation provides key lessons about appraiser E&O. Jun 22, 2015 1075
Sounding the alarm: a few appraiser whistleblowers have reaped huge rewards--but the hurdles were steep. Mar 22, 2015 1360
Set your limits: protect yourself with a limitation of liability clause. Jan 1, 2015 1523
Pirate watery: recent rulings are positive, but beware two legal threats. Sep 22, 2014 1368
Compete nonense: navigating non-compete clauses in appraiser employment agreements i. Sep 22, 2014 2002
Courting good news: Appraisers ride a wave of favorable court decisions. Jun 22, 2014 1325
Accidental defendant. Mar 22, 2014 1240
BAD reviews: lawsuits about appraisal reviews present new threats. Jan 1, 2014 1365
Insult to injury: why some appraisers attack their own work as "glorified proofreading". Sep 22, 2013 1599
Business as unusual: extraordinary liability and peculiar appraiser claims. Jun 22, 2013 1462
Silence is golden: advice for avoiding breaches of confidentiality. Mar 22, 2013 1625
A plainer disclaimer: help prevent liability claims by using simple, clear language to note conflicting information or special issues. Jan 1, 2013 1302
Swimming in suits: minimize your liability risks when performing non-lending appraisals. Sep 22, 2012 1292
Blast from the past: prepare for an onslaught of FDIC appraiser liability cases. Jun 22, 2012 1626
Hazardous conditions: protect yourself by making your limiting conditions and statements more enforceable. Mar 22, 2012 1599
Know your limitation: statute of limitations may determine an appraiser's liability. Jan 1, 2012 1398

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