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Chosen on quality not gender.


Dear Editor, - Photographs and television pictures of the delegates at the Labour Party conference show a preponderance of women delegates.

This is because the Labour Party rules to local parties state that in choosing delegates there shall be at least one woman chosen on alternate years. This means that a woman delegate may be chosen every year, but a man only on alternate years. This is feminism or reverse sex discrimination run mad.

As the September conference comes at the beginning of the school year, it is extremely difficult for many women to become delegates. This applies generally to most women in the 22-52 age group. Delegates are therefore chosen from students, not a bad thing in itself, spinsters, and the more elderly ladies.

Membership of the Labour Party is, I believe, about two thirds male. In view of the fact that Labour Party membership has diminished by half in recent years, the above policy, and the imposition of all-women lists of candidates for Parliament and local elections is likely to put off many men from continuing membership. The two election results in Blanau Gwent should be a lesson to party bureaucrats.

Similar conditions apply to elections for local councils, as local party wards may be ordered by area offices to have all-women lists of candidates in a stupid effort to raise female council membership up to 50 per cent.

I believe that Labour Party candidates for Parliament, local government and conference delegates should be chosen by members irrespective of gender, and if they choose all male or all female persons it is on a basis of their quality, not their gender.



The Labour Party conference had a preponderance of women delegates
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 29, 2006
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