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Chopper squad; TheInsider.

IT'S not every day you get mistaken for royalty, but lovely Liz McClarnon can claim just such a majestic mix-up.

Liz was poshing it up at a polo match near Ascot where Princes William and Harry were playing a few chukkas.

But Insider hears that it was the former Kitten's VIP arrival which turned heads rather than the antics of the heir and his spare.

"I was with my fella and our two friends who own a helicopter so we travelled in style to the game," says Liz. "It was so funny because when we got into the marquee everyone was saying to me 'oh did you see the princes arrive in the helicopter?' and I said 'no dude ... that was us!' "Everyone's face was a picture." So did Liz get a royal appointment? Not quite, but near enough.

"I did get a wave from William," she reveals..
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 14, 2009
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