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Choosing to go Electronic? Then Look no Further Than the Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter.

TAUNTON, England, February 16 /PRNewswire/ --

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The Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter is the most comprehensive electronic navigational product on the market at just GBP49.95 - which makes planning voyages interactive, as well as safe.

Quick and simple to learn, the Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter has a whole host of features which have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand of leisure mariners choosing electronic navigational products. For example, its unique Tidal information allows mariners to ensure that when they choose to dock, or enter, at a new harbour or port the 'clearance indicator' gives instant clarification as to the best times to enter or leave the area safely. This is instantly shown on screen displaying the water level at a specific time or day of the week, which in some instances is crucial as every mariner wants to plot a safe route.

Infact, this is further supplemented with the Enhanced Route Planning feature, which uses tidal height and stream data to automatically correct a planned route and provide course-to-steer. This means that the route plan is automatically created at the same time as the crossing, providing a printable summary of information, from the comfort of home.

Covering 12 different sectors of the entire British Isles, each Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter comes with around 18 ARCS (Admiralty Raster Chart Service) charts and navigational software packaged together on one CD. ARCS charts offer unparalleled clarity and quality of image reproduction therefore providing comprehensive information in each pack, which are an ideal starting point for leisure mariners choosing to use an electronic navigation system for the first time.

Simple to use, the chart plotter works on either a PC or laptop, as well as being able to be linked to a GPS, from the laptop. This further reinforces the key advantage of using electronic navigation as it can free up time on board to further enjoy cruising or to even concentrate on racing.

At only GBP49.95 it is the most cost-effective system on the market and can be purchased either direct from the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) or chandleries nationwide.

To find out more about the Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter simply check out: and discover how simple electronic navigation has become.

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We have a limited number of Admiralty RYA Chart Plotters to give away to your readers. If you are interested please contact Jo Fainlight on or +44-(0)1823-337900 ext 3808, as soon as possible.
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Date:Feb 16, 2006
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