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Choosing Thankfulness.

Choosing Thankfulness

First Place Bible Study Series

Gospel Light

4588 Interstate Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45246

0830738185 $19.99

Choosing Thankfulness: A Comprehensive Biblical Study On Thankfulness by the biblical based organization First Place as an addition to the "Bible Study Series" as a productive, "reader friendly" guide for daily Bible study. Including ten weekly studies with a day by day preparation process, Choosing Thankfulness knowledgeably presents motivational spiritual practices for with Scripture memory verses, Wellness Worksheets, personal Commitment Records, two weeks of Menu Plans, a Leader's Discussion Guide, as well as an accompanying "Moving To The Word" aerobic exercise DVD for personal fitness. Choosing Thankfulness is very highly recommended reading, especially for those Christian readers with out-of-control eating habits who are searching for God's promise and unfailing love an in need of a definitive collection of healthy and effective strategies for weight-loss and fit body workouts.
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Title Annotation:Choosing Thankfulness: A Comprehensive Biblical Study on Thankfulness
Author:Hogan, Betsy L.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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