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Chondroitin sulfate.

Shanghai-based Cactus Botanies has launched chondroitin sulfate that is free from impurities or adulteration and thoroughly tested for quality using four methodologies.

Carol Cheow, general manager of Cactus Botanies, discussed the recent adulterative agent sodium hexametaphosphate, which was discovered in some chondroitin sulfate material. "This is normally used as an industrial chemical and is easily available at a very low price. Although it is often used effectively--and appropriately--in detergent or water treatment agents, it is unsafe as a food additive for human ingestion," she explained.

Cactus Botanies ensures chondroitin sulfate material quality with four methods: High Performance Liquid Chromatography, CPC, EHPLC and specific rotation. "Chondroitin sulfate is typically derived from animal cartilages, such as chicken, bovine, shark, etc. Our experts employ four test methods to determine the quality of our chondroitin sulfate material and its purity," said Ms. Cheow. For more information:

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Title Annotation:Suppliers Corner
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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