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The school of ice-cool ideas: last month, Unilever opened its new Ice Foods Centre of Excellence, heralding a new era in ice cream. Stefan Chomka had a look around. Aug 9, 2008 1241
Crunch time for the scruffs: the male grooming category is worth only a fraction of the women's, but the time may be ripe for growth if retailers smarten up their acts. Aug 9, 2008 1871
Offering motorists more than just a cold Cornish pasty: not willing to risk losing the motorists of Nailsea to a nearby Tesco forecourt, Tout ploughed 2m [pounds sterling] into an ultra-modern rebuild and stocked up on what shoppers really want. Aug 2, 2008 745
Brooke Bond returns to the British market. Brief article Aug 2, 2008 218
Jordans overhauls its 'cluttered' brand range. Brief article Jul 26, 2008 323
Lee Kum Kee's retail range targets mainstream grocery. Brief article Jul 26, 2008 232
Mars aims ethnic meal kit at the gastrosexual. Brief article Jul 19, 2008 334
Nestle prepares raft of Christmas products. Brief article Jul 19, 2008 319
Health drive takes the 'baked' out of beans. Brief article Jul 12, 2008 319
Unilever develops cool new ice cream formats. Jul 12, 2008 347
Cottage cheese gets smooth brand clout. Brief article Jul 12, 2008 298
Omega-3 removed as Vitality is relaunched. Brief article Jul 5, 2008 307
Innocent set for green and brown smoothies. Brief article Jul 5, 2008 269
Organic sarnie supplier aims to appeal to kids. Brief article Jul 5, 2008 315
Wholesaler profile Suma: the company that works like ripples in a pond: a business in which everyone has an equal stake, has multiple roles and is paid the some? Co-operative wholesaler Suma shouldn't work--but it does. Stefan Chomka finds out why. Jun 14, 2008 721
EU is set to bend the rules. Jun 7, 2008 542
Waitrose St Neots. Company overview Jun 7, 2008 654
Red Bull: the energy to challenge Coke? Red Bull is going up against Coke and Pepsi. Why, when others have failed in the past? May 17, 2008 631
Villagers take matters into their own hands: store visit Sulgrave Village Shop: shopping can be difficult if you live a rural community, especially when your local store closes down. Stefan Chomka pays a visit to Sulgrave, where the villagers are doing it for themselves. May 17, 2008 762
This lapsing into nostalgic revival is a sad indictment of the state of innovation in confectionery. Brief article May 10, 2008 168
We look at 10 brands that were launched by big companies and backed with strong marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, they failed and were fairly swiftly delisted. Stefan Chomka asks ... what went wrong? May 10, 2008 2152
Drinks business taking the fast track to growth: wholesaler profile HT & Co: HT & Co operates from a single depot on a north London industrial estate. Yet it sits alongside Aston Martin and Caffe Nero as one of Britain's 100 fastest-growing companies. Company overview May 10, 2008 680
Green is the new lean: much has been made of hi-tech green technology such as wind turbines and solar panels, but optimising existing technology can often reap greater energy and cash savings. May 10, 2008 1944
PG Tips its hat to ethical tea: PG Tips was the UK's first major food and drink brand to take an ethical stance. Stefan Chomka reports from its vast Kenya plantation. Company overview May 3, 2008 1387
Company profile: The Cake Bake Company: building a car from cake is no laughing matter: when Sharon Goodyer, founder of The Cake Bake Company, was asked to build a car from cake for a TV ad, she thought it was a joke. One Skoda Fabia and some priceless PR later, she's glad she took the challenge seriously. Company overview May 3, 2008 914
Why Delia is still the darling of grocery: she's been panned for her new cookbook, but Delia still shifts products from shelves. Apr 26, 2008 635
Store visit: Holborn's: it's official: Holborn's is the best in Britain: Holborn's took home the crown of the UK's best independent store at last month's convenience retail awards. Stefan Chomka finds out what makes it so special. Occupation overview Apr 19, 2008 683
Burton's goes for growth: Burton Foods' CEO Paul Kitchener tells Stefan Chomka how its purchase by Duke Street Capital has injected fresh life into the biscuit company's acquisition strategy. Interview Apr 12, 2008 1537
Wholesaler profile: Hancocks: finding the sweet spot: confectionary specialist Hancock re-entered The Grocer's Big 30 list this year and is thriving by offering a more tailored offered to the independents. Stefan Chomka reports on how the 'one-trick pony' approach is working. Company overview Apr 12, 2008 788
Carman's: on a muesli mission at UK retailers. Company overview Apr 5, 2008 874
When the oil runs dry: in September RH Amar ends its partnership with Filippo Berio, almost halving the food distributor's turnover. CEO David Mellor tells Stefan Chomka why he's still upbeat. Interview Mar 29, 2008 1559
Store visit: Philglas & Swiggot: the gamble in premium wine that paid off. Mar 15, 2008 747
Shocking the nation into cutting sat fats: the FSA is considering an anti-smoking-style campaign to scare us all about fat. Will it work. Mar 8, 2008 579
This week's hot topic: buyers are circling over the small, smart players. Get set for takeover action. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 179
The brand's a bit special: which rising stars on the fmcg pitch are likely to be snapped up by premier league teams this season? Stefan Chomka draws up his dream team of the hottest players. Mar 1, 2008 1485
Company profile Fever-Tree: Fever-Tree MD takes his drinks very seriously. Company overview Mar 1, 2008 920
Sip launches lollies to make the skin lovely. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 306
Can the new ombudsman bring discipline to supermarkets? The Competition Commissions wants an ombudsman to police supermarket relations with suppliers. Will it work and if so, how? Plus: opposite we look at the potential winners and losers of the inquiry. Feb 23, 2008 1190
Fairtrade faces testing time: the Fairtrade market continues to grow, but falling prices and emerging 'rival' ethical marks mean it will have to work harder to maintain momentum. Feb 23, 2008 1010
PepsiCo tries smooth move with Tropicana: PepsiCo plans to go head to head with Innocent with its new Tropicana Smoothies range. Feb 16, 2008 593
Store visit: The English Grocer: how to make a difference in top-end grocery. Feb 16, 2008 741
EU proposal stirs up food labelling fight: does the EC's draft food labelling legislation, which backs GDAs, spell trouble for the industry. Feb 9, 2008 540
Frankenfood or brave new world? Food and drink companies experimenting with nanotechnology are creating the products of the future. But concerns remain over the safety of the science. Stefan Chomka finds out why. Feb 9, 2008 1921
Company profile: Bulldog: pup is nipping at the heels of grooming giants. Company overview Feb 9, 2008 962
Cheese is 'the next big Fairtrade opportunity'. Jan 26, 2008 339
Sales salary survey 2008: are you earning as much as you should? And what perks can you now expect? Survey Jan 19, 2008 2633
Innovation is the key to success, says founder: Strawtech is the only start-up company with rights to the innovative Sipahh global brand of drinking straws, but it knows it has to keep on top of product innovation to beat its bigger rivals. Jan 12, 2008 960
Welfare survey is flawed says Asda. Dec 8, 2007 469
Asdu: CIWF's mode a pig's eur of this study: Asda says it's been unfairly treated by an animal welfare survey to which it did not respond. Survey Dec 8, 2007 568
PG Tips claims title of biggest ethical brand. Dec 8, 2007 339
THE ORGANIC DILEMMA: consumers are clamouring for more organic foods now it is healthier but if short-term demand spikes too sharply, will supply buckle under the pressure, asks Stefan Chomka. Nov 10, 2007 540
Blinded by ambition: retailers are working overtime to come up with the right answer to reducing, reusing or recycling food packaging waste. But suppliers are struggling to comply with the plethora of demands, says Stefan Chomka. Nov 10, 2007 1273
Less reliance on meat sends exports towards record high. Nov 3, 2007 363
Why green tea could be really cool in the UK: Mangajo believes it can make big inroads into the cold health drinks sector in the UK with its blend of green tea with exotic fruits, but it also has sizeable export ambitions. Company overview Nov 3, 2007 925
Thinking outside the box: in his first interview as the new MD of Green & Black's, Dominic Lowe tells Stefan Chomka how he's turning a niche player into a multinational brand. Interview Oct 27, 2007 1461
How what might have been one of yesterday's brands has reinvented itself. Brief article Oct 20, 2007 186
Young, fit and boxing clever: it's the smaller companies that are punching above their weight in the latest UK top 100 brands chart. Stefan Chomka finds out why. Company rankings Oct 20, 2007 5298
The best food simply isn't available locally: Flaneur on London's Farringdon Road is a stylish top-end food hall that only stocks the best--but as Stefan Chomka discovers that doesn't always mean the most local. We also find out how individual retailers are defending themselves against theft, violence and verbal abuse in the light of the latest BRC crime figures. Survey Oct 20, 2007 642
Are heritage brands a thing of the past? With Campbell's soup canned in the UK, are other heritage brands fated to fall by the wayside? Oct 6, 2007 570
Trident revives gum sales: what a difference a year makes. Cadbury's entry into chewing gum with Trident has resurrected the market--and even restored Wrigley's fortunes. Oct 6, 2007 800
Suppliers come under pressure: as retailers' green strategies come under increasing scrutiny, they are putting on suppliers to go greener. Sep 29, 2007 967
The NPM is 'little better than a crude calorie count': a leading expert in nutrition has pilloried the FSA's Nutrient Profiling Model in a new report. And that's just the start, he tells Stefan Chomka. Sep 22, 2007 878
Momentum building to get card game into every school. Sep 15, 2007 325
Will farm visits help the concrete kids? Stefan Chomka examines the plans for the Year of Food and Farming--launched this week. Will they work? Sep 15, 2007 918
The store that delivers the best of both worlds. Sep 15, 2007 732
Handover heartache: finding a suitable successor for a family-run business can cause an enormous headache. Stefan Chomka explores why it's such a concern for the industry--and for the families involved. Sep 8, 2007 1162
Escaping the trops of trade investment: in part two of our investigation into trade investment practice, Stefan Chomka looks at how suppliers can unlock the benefits. Sep 1, 2007 894
The rainmaker: Duncan Goose, founder of the ethical bottled water brand One, talks to Stefan Chomka about his unique business model. Interview Aug 25, 2007 1525
This week's hot topic. Brief article Aug 18, 2007 199
A spirited recovery: G&J Greenall MD Tony Sharpe tells Stefan Chomka how the business is pressing ahead with ambitious plans after a devastating fire. Interview Aug 11, 2007 1005
The end of the metrosexual: after a few years of the gentle touch, male consumers are distancing themselves from their feminine sides and buying traditional toiletries. Aug 11, 2007 1002
So, can you spot the difference ...? Why brand owners say a new EU directive will do nothing to stop copycat branding. Aug 4, 2007 575
Company profile: Dorset Cereals: a brand that is reinventing the cereal aisle. Company overview Jul 28, 2007 962
Danone Waters backs ethical role for UK Volvic. Jul 28, 2007 346
Mushy peas anyone? Flooding has led to a terrible start to the UK pea harvest. Stefan Chomka joined Birds Eye's agricultural manager, Colin Wright, at its plant in Hull and finds the industry is back on track. Jul 21, 2007 782
Price is right despite the upmarket makeover: Waitrose's super-premium format will not hamper price competitiveness on grocery lines, says new MD Mark Price. Interview Jul 7, 2007 947
PepsiCo signs Panesar for Asian-inspired line. Jul 7, 2007 318
Another food label--should we just grin and bear it? The government is pushing for a new label to certify animal welfare standards. But do we need it? Jun 30, 2007 932
Did yours dazzle? A year ago, The Grocer predicted Star Product success for 26 new launches. Stefan Chomka finds out how the newcomers have fared. Jun 30, 2007 2689
Company profile: Plum Baby: hassle-free super-healthy baby meals. Company overview Jun 30, 2007 954
Profile revisited: premium appeal shouts from freezers. Brief article Jun 30, 2007 321
How important is a website to running a modern food business? Brief article Jun 30, 2007 343
Walkers goes back to basics with retro image. Jun 30, 2007 355
A new roll for SCA: after acquiring P&G's European tissue business, SCA is challenging Kimberly-Clark's UK dominance. Mats Berencreutz, head of its European arm, tells Stefan Chomka how. Interview Jun 16, 2007 798
Trump that! A fund new way to teach kids about health food. Cover story Jun 2, 2007 2519
Meet America's green man; Gary Hirshberg plans to inject a sense of humour to the UK organic market with a new brand. Interview May 26, 2007 1418
Getting a foot in the mainstream cereal aisles: Rude Health promises consumers the ultimate in healthy breakfasts. Its six cereals are produced using a painstaking process to ensure they are not stripped of their nutrients or natural flavours. Now, after two years building a presence in more specialist areas of the cereal category, MD Nick Barnard wants to go mainstream and take on the big boys with six new lines. Company overview May 26, 2007 1009
Stony targets UK with eco-friendly yoghurts. Brief article May 19, 2007 323
Carbon label 'is not understood'. May 5, 2007 345
The paper heavyweight: six months into his role as Kimberly-Clark's general manager UK and Ireland, Troy Warfield tells Stefan Chomka about his battle plan. Interview May 5, 2007 1427
Burton's set to boost brands with organic. Brief article Apr 21, 2007 286
Change to recipes will bring a fat lot of good: are the FSA's voluntary targets for fat and sugar reduction really necessary given all the reformulation that has taken place. Apr 14, 2007 992
Crunch time for PepsiCo: the healthy relaunch of Walkers crisps reversed a worrying sales decline, and may restore other key brands, says vice president of marketing Jon Goldstone. Apr 14, 2007 751
Tories back the grocer. Apr 7, 2007 501
Mary had a little plan: PepsiCo's Mary Barnard tells Stefan Chomka how Quaker and PJs are going to take a healthier stand against their rivals. Interview Apr 7, 2007 1077
Walk the world of flavours: with companies from 43 different countries turning out for this international event, IFE has created a village for suppliers who embrace global cuisine trends and cater for exotic tastes. Mar 3, 2007 2026
Ones to watch: meet the forward thinkers. Making local sourcing and organic sexy and civilised with modern surroundings and specialist fare, Stefan Chomka talks to the greenest of greengrocers. Company overview Feb 24, 2007 944
From bootiful game to complete turkey? The Bernard Matthews brand may take a hit in the short term but it should bounce back. Feb 10, 2007 598
Good pack, bad pack: the food waste mountain can be reduced--but only if shoppers accept that more packaging can mean less waste. Jan 20, 2007 655
First crisps, now snacks slash the saturated fat. Brief article Jan 20, 2007 341

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