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Choices and Conflict: Explorations in Health Care Ethics.

Emily Friedman, Ed. Choices and Conflict: Explorations in Health Care Ethics. Chicago, Ill.: American Hospital Publishing Inc. 1992. 224 pages. $42 ($32 for American Hospital Association members).

This new book is a collection of articles written by numer- ous authors on the multiplicity of ethical issues con- fronting the health care professional. It is a companion volume to Making Choices: Ethics Issues for Health Care Professionals, which was published in 1986.

The volume is divided into five principal sections:

* Rationing of health care-the issues, the reasoning, and the health care professional's role in this sensitive area.

* Dilemmas in the patient-provider relationship

* Ethics and the health care professional.

* The practice of bioethics

* The individual and society-seeking fairness

Preceding each principal section is a brief introduction by the editor of the issues raised. It is written succinctly and provides the ethical framework for the collection of artijcles in the section.

Choices and Conflict should be part of the library of all health professionals. It is not only an excellent resource manual but also provides material that should stimulate us all, in the words of the editor, "to burrow beneath the surface of health care and raise questions about the very structure and purposes of the system of care we have chosen."
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Author:Hofreuter, Donald H.
Publication:Physician Executive
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 1992
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