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Chocolate Terrines from Patchwork--four ways to avoid Christmas pudding.

The Patchwork Traditional Food Company, the producer of handmade foods from the Welsh countryside, offers four alternatives to the traditional Christmas pudding for lovers of chocolate terrine. Each option can also be melted down into sauces or spreads, used in chocolate tarts or enjoyed as a hot chocolate drink.

Patchwork's Chocolate Terrine range comprises:

Chocolate Terrine with Amarette & Almond

A fine, chunky, almond-rippled dark chocolate pate with dark marzipan notes and a rich almond flavour.

Price: 4.30 [pounds sterling] (120g)

Chocolate Terrine with Baileys[R] Irish Cream

Chocolate terrine with rich cream and mellow Irish whiskey, finished with a decorative dark swirl.

Price: 4.30 [pounds sterling]

Chocolate ferrine with Cointreau

Creamy dark chocolate with fresh citrus liqueur presented with a distinctive orange hue and rich dark swirls.

Price: 4.30 [pounds sterling] (120g)

Chocolate Terrine with Tia Maria and Coffee

Smooth, intense deep chocolate enhanced by Ea Maria for lovers of the dark coffee liqueur from Jamaica.

Price: 4.30 [pounds sterling] (120g)

Patchwork's full product range includes pates, chutneys, hummus, soups, as well as sweet products such as ice creams and chocolate terrines. The company also offers hampers and guerrilla picnic packs for social occasions.

In 2010, Patchwork's Vanilla Ice Cream with Anglesey Sea Salted Caramel won the Silver Award in the True Taste Awards. This award is presented the outstanding food and drink from the people of Wales.

This year, Patchwork's Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Chutney with Unicorn Ale and Apricot & Orange Chutney with Wychcraft Ale won Gold Star Awards.

Altogether, Patchwork has won over 100 awards for its products and enlightened business ethos since its inception in 1982.

Patchwork products are stocked by selected independent retailers across the United Kingdom. All products are available online at and a range of pates are available on

The company also has a YouTube channel offering recipes and tips for enjoying its products to the full.

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