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Chocolate Girls.

CHOCOLATE GIRLS. Annie Murray. 2003 Read by Judith Boyd. 11 tapes. 15.5 hrs. Clipper Audio, dist. by Recorded Books. 1-84197824-8. $91.00. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. SA

The close friendships between Edie, Ruby and Janet that begin in 1959 at the Cadbury Bournville factory in England are the central theme of this wonderful recording. Boyd has strong vocal control over her characters, whether it's the older, loving Frances or the struggling young doctor destined to become Janet's husband. As the story covers decades in the women's lives, Boyd ages these characters vocally, which is something of a feat; listening to the subtle changes the reader is aware that years have passed. The personality of Frances (Janet's mother and surrogate mother to Edie) is especially good as she goes from a woman in her late 40s to an elderly, in woman facing death.

Boyd vocalizes all characters naturally. Handling English, American, French, Jewish and German accents without a flaw, she is able to convey the assorted personalities with even greater depth. This outstanding reading makes this longish book accessible to those who might not be able to read the text. Sally Tibbetts, LRC Maine West H.S., Des Plaines, IL
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Author:Tibbetts, Sally
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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