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Chlorinated paraffins are now more compatible. (Additives).

A new line of liquid chlorinated paraffins can be used as secondary plasticizers in flexible PVC or as resin extenders in TPOs, TPVs, and other TPEs. The Paroil X-1O Series from Dover Chemical Corp., Dover, Ohio, is said to avoid the compatibility problems of other chlorinated paraffins. Targeted for applications requiring low volatility, such as hose and electrical cable insulation, Paroil X-1O can be used as a partial replacement for costlier phthalate, phosphate, maleate, and benzoate plasticizers with neglible, if any, loss in tensile strength or elongation, Dover claims. It can also improve flame retardancy. Heat stability of Paroil X-10 grades exceeds that of PVC resin. Grade X-1052 is water clear and reportedly has negligible effect on volume resistivity of electric insulation. Tel: (800) 321-8805,
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Comment:Chlorinated paraffins are now more compatible. (Additives).
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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