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Structural and Physicochemical Characterization of Chitosan Obtained by UAE and Its Effect on the Growth Inhibition of Pythium ultimum. Martin-Lopez, Hector; Pech-Cohuo, Soledad Cecilia; Herrera-Pool, Emanuel; Medina-Torres, Nelly; Cuev Oct 1, 2020 8834
Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Capacity of Chitosan Nanoparticles against Wild Type Strain of Pseudomonas sp. Isolated from Milk of Cows Diagnosed with Bovine Mastitis. Aguayo, Paula Rivera; Larenas, Tamara Bruna; Godoy, Carlos Alarcon; Rivas, Bernardita Cayupe; Gonzal Sep 1, 2020 7529
Today's Market View - Ariana Resources, Bushveld Minerals, Eurasia Mining, Greatland Gold and others. Jul 2, 2020 4617
How Fungal Glycans Modulate Platelet Activation via Toll-Like Receptors Contributing to the Escape of Candida albicans from the Immune Response. Jawhara, Samir Report Jul 1, 2020 7198
Tenebrio molitor Larvae Meal Affects the Cecal Microbiota of Growing Pigs. Meyer, Sandra; Gessner, Denise K.; Maheshwari, Garima; Rohrig, Julia; Friedhoff, Theresa; Most, Erik Report Jul 1, 2020 9092
Unveiling the Properties of Thai Stingless Bee Propolis via Diminishing Cell Wall-Associated Cryptococcal Melanin and Enhancing the Fungicidal Activity of Macrophages. Mamoon, Ketsaya; Thammasit, Patcharin; Iadnut, Anupon; Kitidee, Kuntida; Anukool, Usanee; Tragoolpua Report Jul 1, 2020 6576
Influence of Mushroom Polysaccharide, Nano-Copper, Copper Loaded Chitosan, and Lysozyme on Intestinal Barrier and Immunity of LPS-mediated Yellow-Feathered Chickens. Fan, Qiuli; Abouelezz, K.F.M.; Li, Long; Gou, Zhongyong; Wang, Yibing; Lin, Xiajing; Ye, Jinling; Ji Report Apr 1, 2020 8348
Statistical Experimental Design Optimization of Microbial Proteases Production under Co-Culture Conditions for Chitin Recovery from Speckled Shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros By-Product. Jabeur, Fadoua; Mechri, Sondes; Kriaa, Mouna; Gharbi, Ines; Bejaoui, Nejla; Sadok, Saloua; Jaouadi, Mar 1, 2020 6580
Natural Compounds as Elicitors of Plant Resistance Against Diseases and New Biocontrol Strategies. Jamiolkowska, Agnieszka Feb 1, 2020 5554
Chitosan Market Research Study / Global Analysis, Size, Share, Industry Trends and Rapid Growth by Forecast to 2024. Jan 21, 2020 601
Global Chitin Market 2020 Industry Key Players, Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis & Forecast to 2028. Jan 15, 2020 705
Global Chitosan Market Expected to Reach a Value of US $1, 218 Million by End of Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Jan 6, 2020 905
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn; Wanapat, Metha Report Jan 1, 2020 8141
Dietary Supplementation with Chitosan Oligosaccharides Alleviates Oxidative Stress in Rats Challenged with Hydrogen Peroxide. Lan, Ruixia; Chang, Qingqing; An, Lilong; Zhao, Zhihui Report Jan 1, 2020 5854
Improvement of Chitinase produced from Chitin of Desert Locust by Streptomyces halstedii strain Isolated from Jeddah, KSA. Shafi, Manal E.; Khattab, Abd El-Nasser A. Report Jan 1, 2020 6871
Global Chitin and Chitin Derivatives Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Nov 25, 2019 1278
Chitin and Chitosan Derivatives Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Oct 10, 2019 670
Appraising Endophyte-Plant Symbiosis for Improved Growth, Nodulation, Nitrogen Fixation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance: An Experimental Investigation with Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Ahmad, Maqshoof; Naseer, Iqra; Hussain, Azhar; Mumtaz, Muhammad Zahid; Mustafa, Adnan; Hilger, Thoma Oct 1, 2019 10992
Chitosan Market To Witness Lucrative Growth Due To Rising Usage In Water Treatment And Nutraceutical Applications Till 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 30, 2019 868
Chitin and Chitin Derivatives Market 2019 Global Industry Sales, Supply, Consumption, Demand, Analysis and Forecasts to 2025. Sep 5, 2019 879
Properties of chitin extracted from Estonian mushrooms. Baumgartner, Stephanie; Viirsalu, Mihkel; Krumme, Andres; Mendez, James Sep 1, 2019 2075
Global Chitin and Chitosan Derivatives Report 2019: Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2016-2024. Report Aug 12, 2019 1071
Construction and Composition of the Squid Pen from Doryteuthis pealeii. Messerl, Mark A.; Raihan, M. Jahir; Kobylkevich, Brian M.; Benson, Austin C.; Bruening, Kristi S.; S Report Aug 1, 2019 10750
Firm to produce cling film made from sea fish shells; TECHNOLOGY. Jul 26, 2019 298
Exosomes from Human Gingiva-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Combined with Biodegradable Chitin Conduits Promote Rat Sciatic Nerve Regeneration. Rao, Feng; Zhang, Dianying; Fang, Tengjiaozi; Lu, Changfeng; Wang, Bo; Ding, Xiao; Wei, Shuai; Zhang May 31, 2019 6699
Chitin Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario through 2027. Apr 30, 2019 738
Chitin Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario through 2027. Apr 30, 2019 660
Grafting of Chitosan: Structural, Thermal and Antimicrobial Properties. Cankaya, Nevin Technical report Apr 30, 2019 2480
Thermal Properties of Acylated Low Molecular Weight Chitosans. Tiew, Shu Xian; Misran, Misni Report Apr 30, 2019 4659
Prospective randomized single-blind study of postoperative bleeding after minor oral surgery in patients with cirrhosis. Efeoglu, Candan; Calis, Aylin Sipahi; Karasu, Zeki; Koca, Huseyin; Boyacioglu, Hayal Report Feb 1, 2019 4012
Enhanced antioxidant activity and phenolic profile of Ducrosia assadi Alava. by chitosan. Khodashenas, Mansooreh; Shekarchian, Arsalan; Soleymani, Najmeh Report Jan 1, 2019 3818
Change of Inflammatory Factors in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Ma, Cai-Yun; Xu, Zhen-Ye; Wang, Shao-Ping; Peng, Hong-Yu; Liu, Fang; Liu, Jing-Hua; Ren, Feng-Xue Report Dec 1, 2018 4148
A Novel Chitosan Gels: Supercritical C[O.sub.2] Drying and Impregnation with Thymol. Terzic, Ivan; Ivanovic, Jasna; Zizovic, Irena; Skoric, Marija Lucic; Milosavljevic, Nedeljko; Milasi Report Dec 1, 2018 6127
Regulation of Streptomyces Chitinases by Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems and their Post Translational Modifications: A Review. Singh, Amrathlal Rabbind Report Sep 1, 2018 10335
Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Wild Type Pleurotus Spp and its Potential Application Innovative Approach. Johney, Jesteena; Sri, S. Radhai; Ragunathan, R. Report Sep 1, 2018 4273
Nanostructured Chitosan-Gelatin Hybrid Aerogels Produced by Supercritical Gel Drying. Baldino, Lucia; Cardea, Stefano; Reverchon, Ernesto Report Sep 1, 2018 4629
Chitosan-Based Adsorbents for Wastewater Treatment. Book review Jul 1, 2018 123
In Vitro Characterization of Chitosan-Based Particles as Carrier of Influenza Viral Antigens. Karaaslan, Mehmet; Turan, Kadir Jun 1, 2018 6833
Beetle (Ulomoides dermestoides) fat improves diabetes: effect on liver and pancreatic architecture and on PPAR[gamma] expression. Jasso-Villagomez, E.I.; Garcia-Lorenzana, M.; Almanza-Perez, J.C.; Fortis-Barrera, M.A.; Blancas-Flo Report Jun 1, 2018 7323
New Hormone-Free Contraception Channels Crustaceans. Apr 3, 2018 115
Development and Characterization of Insulin-loaded Liposome-chitosan-Nanoparticle (LCS-NP) Complex and Investigation of Transport Properties Through a Pancreatic Beta Tc Cell Line/Insulin Yuklu Lipozom-Kitosan-Nanopartikul (LCS-NP) Kompleksinin Gelistirilmesi ve Karakterizasyonu ve Pankreatik Beta Tc Hucre Hattindan Gecis Ozelliklerinin Arastirilmasi. Tekeli, Merve Celik; Yucel, Cigdem; Unal, Sedat; Aktas, Yesim Report Apr 1, 2018 3473
Effects of Paclitaxel-conjugated N-Succinyl-Hydroxyethyl Chitosan Film for Proliferative Cholangitis in Rabbit Biliary Stricture Model. Wang, Tao; Zou, Hao; Liu, Yun-Xia; Zhang, Xiao-Wen Report Mar 18, 2018 5239
Water-soluble chitosan optimizes quality of cryogenically frozen shrimp. Mar 1, 2018 397
Nitrate Permeability of Semi-Permeable Membranes Prepared From Binary Blends of Cellulose Triacetate and Chitosan. Eo, Kyungbok; Hwang, Daehyeon; Lee, Kyoungsun; Kim, Myoeum; Choi, Kyusol; Kwon, Yong Ku Report Feb 1, 2018 3990
Preparation of Poly(L,L-Lactide) Microparticles via Pickering Emulsions Using Chitin Nanocrystals. Demina, T.S.; Sotnikova, Yu.S.; Istomin, A.V.; Grandfils, Ch.; Akopova, T.A.; Zelenetskii, A.N. Jan 1, 2018 3571
Evaluation and Assessment of Differentiation Potential of Human Adipose-derived Stem Cells on Chitosan Hydrogel. Debnath, Tanya; Chelluri, Lakshmi Kiran; K. Kona, Lakshmi; Ratnakar, K.S. Jan 1, 2018 2231
Competitive Biological Activities of Chitosan and Its Derivatives: Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Anticancer, and Anti-Inflammatory Activities. Kim, Suyeon Jan 1, 2018 9708
Su Urunleri Isleme Atiklarinin Degerlendirilmesi/The Assessment of Seafood Processing Waste. Gunduz, Hatice; Ozturk, Fatma; Hamzacebi, Sevim; Akpinar, M. Dilcan Jan 1, 2018 3697
Silencing Chitinase Genes Increases Susceptibility of Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) to Scopoletin. Zhou, Hong; Zhang, Yong-qiang; Lai, Ting; Wang, Dan; Liu, Jin-lin; Guo, Fu-you; Ding, Wei Jan 1, 2018 8095
Drug-Polymer Interaction Studies of Cytarabine Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles. Madni, Asadullah; Kashif, Prince Muhammad; Nazir, Imran; Tahir, Nayab; Rehman, Mubashar; Khan, Muham Report Dec 31, 2017 5446
Effects of Chitosan Levels on Growth Performance, Feed Utilization and Survival Rate of Rice-field Crab (Esanthelphusa dugasti). Panalikul, Pattranuch; Wongmaneeprateep, Sutee; Doolgindachbaporn, Sompong Report Sep 1, 2017 5191
Mechanism and kinetics of curing of Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol a (DGEBA) resin by chitosan. Balasubramani, Praveen Kumar; Iroh, Jude O. Report Aug 1, 2017 5083
Evaluation of factors affecting size and size distribution of chitosan-electrosprayed nanoparticles. Abyadeh, Morteza; Zarchi, Ali Akbar Karimi; Faramarzi, Mohammad Ali; Amani, Amir Report Jul 1, 2017 4999
Effect Of carbon sources on bacillus sp.R2 chitinase production. Cheba, Ben Amar; Zaghloul, Taha Ibrahim; EL-Mahdy, Ahmad Rafik; EL-Massry, Mohamad Hisham Report May 1, 2017 3069
CHITOSAN FROM CRAB SHELLS AS CHROMIUM ADSORBENT. Ponce, Gloricar Mae L.; Jorolan, Joel H. Report Apr 30, 2017 2999
Optimization of lactic fermentation for extraction of chitin from freshwater shrimp waste /Otimizacao de fermentacao latica para extracao de quitina de residuos de camarao de agua doce. Neves, Andressa Caroline; Zanette, Cristina; Grade, Schaiana Tamara; Schaffer, Jessica Vanessa; Alve Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 5084
Growth and enzyme production in blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) fed cellulose and chitin supplemented diets. Allman, Andrea L.; Williams, Ernest P.; Place, Allen R. Report Apr 1, 2017 8519
Encapsulation of Flurbiprofen by Chitosan Using a Spray-Drying Method with In Vitro Drug Releasing and Molecular Docking/Puskurtmeli Kurutma Teknigi Kullanarak Flurbiprofenin Kitosan ile Enkapsulasyonu ve In Vitro Ilac Salinimi ve Molekuler Modelleme Calismalari. Akyuz, Lalehan; Duman, Fatih; Kaya, Murat Report Apr 1, 2017 3644
Effect of dietary chitin on digestive enzyme activity, growth and survival of Macrobrachium tenellum juvenile prawns. De los Santos-Romero, Rodolfo B.; Garcia-Guerrero, Marcelo; Vega-Villasante, Fernando; Nolasco-Soria Mar 1, 2017 5804
Comparison of Effects of Chitin and Chitosan for Control of Colletotrichum sp. on Cucumbers. Dodgson, Jolyon L.A.; Dodgson, Wanwisa Report Mar 1, 2017 4104
A Study of Potential Control of Watermold Saprolegnia Sp. of Gouramy (Osphonemus gouramy) Eggs by Bacterial Isolates. Munir, Erman; Dewi, Rita Rosmala; Yunasfi; Suryanto, Dwi Report Mar 1, 2017 5275
Synthesis and Application of Chitosan-Starch Based Nanocomposite in Wastewater Treatment for the Removal of Anionic Commercial Dyes. Sami, Amtul Jamil; Khalid, Madeeha; Iqbal, Sara; Afzal, Maira; Shakoori, A.R. Report Feb 28, 2017 3845
Novel charged chitosan composite nanofiltration membranes containing chiral mesogenic group. Mu, Tao; Tan, Guanglei; Du, Guofeng; He, Lijie; Li, Zhen; Li, Xuelei Report Jan 1, 2017 4331
Phosphate removal by Ce(III)-impregnated crosslinked chitosan complex from aqueous solutions. Hu, Pan; Liu, Qian; Wang, Jing; Huang, Ruihua Report Jan 1, 2017 4992
A broad pH range and processive chitinase from a metagenome library. Thimoteo, S.S.; Glogauer, A.; Faoro, H.; de Souza, E.M.; Huergo, L.F.; Moerschbacher, B.M.; Pedrosa, Report Jan 1, 2017 8642
Thermosensitive Chitosan Hydrogels Containing Polymeric Microspheres for Vaginal Drug Delivery. Yang, Ting-Ting; Cheng, Yuan-Zheng; Qin, Meng; Wang, Yong-Hong; Yu, Hong-Li; Wang, An-Lin; Zhang, We Report Jan 1, 2017 7145
Modification of Chitin Particles with Ionic Liquids Containing Ethyl Substituent in a Cation. Jaworska, Malgorzata M.; Gorak, Andrzej; Zdunek, Joanna Jan 1, 2017 4978
Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activities of Chitosan and Carboxymethyl Chitosan Schiff-Base/Silver Nanoparticles. Khalil, Ahmed M.; Abdel-Monem, Reham A.; Darwesh, Osama M.; Hashim, Ahmed I.; Nada, Afaf A.; Rabie, Report Jan 1, 2017 5763
Adsorption of Cr(VI) onto Hybrid Membrane of Carboxymethyl Chitosan and Silicon Dioxide. Deng, Yanling; Kano, Naoki; Imaizumi, Hiroshi Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5495
Removal of Fluoride from Aqueous Solutions Using Chitosan Cryogels. Arcos-Arevalo, Anete Jessica; Zavala-Arce, Rosa Elvira; Avila-Perez, Pedro; Garcia-Gaitan, Beatriz; Technical report Jan 1, 2017 7285
Effect of Chitosan Edible Coating on the Biochemical and Physical Characteristics of Carp Fillet (Cyprinus carpio) Stored at -18[degrees]C. Morachis-Valdez, Ana Gabriela; Gomez-Olivan, Leobardo Manuel; Garcia-Argueta, Imelda; Hernandez-Nava Report Jan 1, 2017 7534
Versatility of Chitosan-Based Biomaterials and Their Use as Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration. Ribeiro, Jose Carlos Viana; Vieira, Rodrigo Silveira; Melo, Iracema Matos; Araujo, Vilana Maria Adri Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 14333
Comparative Study on Properties of Polylactic Acid Nanocomposites with Cellulose and Chitin Nanofibers Extracted from Different Raw Materials. Li, Jingjing; Li, Jian; Feng, Dejun; Zhao, Jingfeng; Sun, Jingrong; Li, Dagang Jan 1, 2017 5716
Chitosan as an Immunomodulating Adjuvant on T-Cells and Antigen-Presenting Cells in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Infection. Choi, Bunsoon; Jo, Do-Hyun; Anower, A.K.M. Mostafa; Islam, S.M. Shamsul; Sohn, Seonghyang Report Jan 1, 2017 6855
Chitosan Modulates Inflammatory Responses in Rats Infected with Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Liu, Gang; Chen, Shuai; Guan, Guiping; Tan, Jun; Dhabi, Naif A. Al-; Wang, Hongbing; Duraipandiyan, Report Jan 1, 2017 3313
Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Assay for Determining [Fe.sup.3+] Based on Gold Nanoparticles Conjugated with Glycol Chitosan. Kim, Kyungmin; Nam, Yun-Sik; Lee, Yeonhee; Lee, Kang-Bong Report Jan 1, 2017 5858
Chitin proves there's more to love about shellfish. Lougheed, Tim Nov 1, 2016 517
Mechanical, thermal, and dielectric properties of poly(lactic acid)/chitosan nanocomposites. Elsawy, Moataz A.; Saad, Gamal R.; Sayed, Aisha M. Report Sep 1, 2016 6059
Alkali process for chitin extraction and chitosan production from Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) scales. Boarin-Alcalde, Ligia; Graciano-Fonseca, Gustavo Ensayo Sep 1, 2016 2997
Preparation and Evaluation of Chitosan Succinate Pellets Using Extrusion-Spheronization Technology: Processing and In Vitro Characterization/Ekstruzyon-Sferonizasyon Teknolojisi Kullanarak Kitozan Suksinat Pelletlerinin Hazirlanmasi ve Degerlendirilmesi: Imalat ve In Vitro Karakterizasyon. Karuna, Dasari Subramaniyam; Udhumansha, Ubaidulla; Rathnam, Grace; Ganesh, Mani; Jang, Hyun Tae Report Aug 1, 2016 4943
Enhanced attachment and growth of periodontal cells on glycine-arginine-glycine-aspartic modified chitosan membranes. Tu, Hsiao-Pei; Lee, Xiang-Qing; Lin, Chi-Yu; Shen, E-Chin; Chen, Yen-Teen; Fu, Earl; Chin, Yu-Tang Report Jul 1, 2016 4798
Preparation and pervaporation performance of chitosan-poly(methacrylic acid) polyelectrolyte complex membranes for dehydration of 1,4-dioxane. Choudhari, S.K.; Premakshi, H.G.; Kariduraganavar, M.Y. Report Jun 1, 2016 6837
Improving the Rice Performance by Fermented Chitin Waste. Kananont, Nungruthai; Pichyangkura, Rath; Kositsup, Boonthida; Wiriyakitnateekul, Wanpen; Chadchawan Report Feb 29, 2016 5153
Facile synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial mechanism of Chitosan scaffolds. Kumbhar, S.G; Pawar, S.H. Report Jan 1, 2016 3579
Medicinal mushrooms (genus: Lenzites) of western Ghats: a future source for Chitin? Nair, Ambarish C.; Kondevooru, Prajna S. Report Jan 1, 2016 4161
Control of drug dissolution rate from film dosage forms containing valsartan. Murata, Yoshifumi; Kofuji, Kyoko; Maida, Chieko Report Jan 1, 2016 2709
Biosorption of removal heavy metal using hybrid Chitosan-Pandan. Ngadi, Norzita; Rzmi, Fatin Amirah; Alias, Hajar; Rahman, Roshanida Abd; Jusoh, Mazura Report Sep 1, 2015 2376
Influence of the drying route on the depolymerization and properties of chitosan. Arantes, Mabel K.; Kugelmeier, Cristie L.; Cardozo-Filho, Lucio; Monteiro, Marcos R.; Oliveira, Clay Report Sep 1, 2015 5566
Calcium ion modulates protein release from chitosan-hyaluronic acid poly electrolyte gel. Krishna, A. Shanti; Radhakumary, C.; Sreenivasan, K. Report Sep 1, 2015 5500
Preparation of quaternized chitosan nanoparticle and its antimicrobial activity on polyester, cotton and polyester/cotton blend treated fabrics. Waly, A.I.; Sahab, A.F.; Marie, M.M.; Elzoeerey, W.M.; Abo Elela, Rasha Report Jul 1, 2015 2549
The effects of diflubenzuron on the cuticle and on hemolymphatic ecdysteroids of fifth instar nymphs of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregario (Orthoptera: Acrididae). Tail, G.; Kara, F.Z.; Doumandji-Mitiche, B.; Porcheron, P. Jul 1, 2015 3802
Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by radiation-induced chitosan/(acrylamidoglycolic acid-co-acrylic acid) magnetic nanopolymer. El-Fadl, F.I. Abou; El-Mohdy, H.L. Abd Report Jun 1, 2015 5274
Isolation and characterization of chitin from exoskeleton of pill-millipedes. Ambarish, Cheviri N.; Sridhar, Kandikere R. Apr 1, 2015 3182
Haemato-biochemical and histo-pathological findings of fibrin-chitosan composite biocasings application on cutaneous wound healing in dogs. Kamalakar, G.; Kumar, R.V. Suresh; Rao, T.S.C.S.; Prasad, V. Devi Report Apr 1, 2015 2999
In vitro antibacterial potential of chitosan and its derivatives on pathogenic enterobacteriaceae. Paul, Sony; Seema, N.P. Mar 1, 2015 3692
Stress relaxation and activation volume in tension in [beta]-glucan and chitosan films. Hejlova, Anna; Blahovec, Jiri Report Mar 1, 2015 7771
Potential hazards of a chitin synthesis inhibitor diflubenzuron in the shrimp Penaeus kerathurus: biochemical composition of the hemolymph and muscle during the molt cycle. Morsli, Seloua Mounira; Merad, Isma; Khebbeb, Mohamed El Hedi; Soltani, Noureddine Report Feb 1, 2015 5051
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Exochitinase A Gene of Indigenous Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates. Report Dec 31, 2014 3374
Isolation and characterisation of chitin and chitosan from local sources. Aftab, Tayyaba; Ullah, Asad; Iqbal, Muhammad Khalid; Khan, Rauf Ahmed; Chaudhry, Muhammad Nawaz Report Nov 1, 2014 3562
The effect of anionic surfactant on the properties of polythiophene/chitosan composites. Eren, Esin; Aslan, Erhan; Oksuz, Aysegul Uygun Report Nov 1, 2014 4850
Pentacyanoferrate(II) complexes with chitosan. Bratskaya, S. Yu.; Privar, Yu. O.; Korjakova, O.V.; Mechaev, A.V.; Pestov, A.V. Report Oct 1, 2014 3476
Application of chitin and chitosan extracted from silkworm chrysalides in the treatment of textile effluents contaminated with remazol dyes/Aplicacao de quitina e quitosana extraidas de crisalidas do bicho-da-seda no tratamento de efluentes texteis contaminados com corantes remazol. Simionato, Julliana Isabelle; Villalobos, Lucas Dolis Guerra; Bulla, Milena Keller; Coro, Fabio Augu Oct 1, 2014 3057
Histological and biochemical changes during wound healing using chitosan and chitosan-povidone iodine films in wound healing in rabbits. Sumiran, N.; Veena, P.; Kumar, R.V. Suresh; Vidyavathi, M.; Srilatha, Ch. Report Oct 1, 2014 3090
Morphology and Physicochemical Performance of Water-soluble Carboxymethyl Chitosan/Polyurethane Blend Film. Report Apr 30, 2014 2021
Chitosan: applications in dentistry. Tanikonda, Rambabu; Ravi, Rama Krishna; Kantheti, Sirisha; Divella, Srihari Report Apr 1, 2014 4023
Central composite design of zinc removal from model water using Chitosan biopolymer. Qudsieh, Isam Y.; Mirghani, E.S.; Kabbashi, Nasserldeen A.; Muyibi, Suleyman A. Report Mar 1, 2014 3792
Preparation and characterization of chitosan-stearate complexes and in vitro evaluation on the adsorption of deoxycholic acid salt. Xu, Yiyu; Xu, Yanshun; Zhang, Jiali; Xia, Wenshui Report Mar 1, 2014 3263
Chitosan-Based Polymer Blends: Current Status and Applications. El-Hefian, Esam Abdulkader; Nasef, Mohamed Mahmoud; Yahaya, Abdul Hamid Report Feb 28, 2014 11273
Chitosan oligosaccharides attenuate ocular inflammation in rats with experimental autoimmune anterior uveitis. Fang, I-Mo; Yang, Chang-Hao; Yang, Chung-May Report Jan 1, 2014 6403
Production of high viscosity chitosan from biologically purified chitin isolated by microbial fermentation and deproteinization. Ploydee, Ekkalak; Chaiyanan, Saipin Jan 1, 2014 5747
Electrical signal guided ibuprofen release from electrodeposited chitosan hydrogel. Liu, Youyu; Yan, Kun; Jiang, Guoxia; Xiong, Yuan; Du, Yumin; Shi, Xiaowen Report Jan 1, 2014 3501
Physicochemical characterization of thermally treated chitosans and chitosans obtained by alkaline deacetylation. de Oliveira, Ana Maria; Franco, Telma Teixeira; de Oliveira, Enio Nazare, Jr. Report Jan 1, 2014 6824
Preparation of chitosan coated magnetic hydroxyapatite nanoparticles and application for adsorption of reactive blue 19 and [Ni.sup.2+] ions. Nguyen, Van Cuong; Pho, Quoc Hue Report Jan 1, 2014 5123
Preparation and characterization of chitosan/feldspar biohybrid as an adsorbent: optimization of adsorption process via response surface modeling. Yazdani, Maryam; Bahrami, Hajir; Arami, Mokhtar Report Jan 1, 2014 7654
Biocompatibility and toxicity of poly(vinyl alcohol)/N,O-carboxymethyl chitosan scaffold. Kamarul, Tunku; Krishnamurithy, G.; Salih, Noman D.; Ibrahim, Nurul Syuhada; Raghavendran, Hanumanth Report Jan 1, 2014 4442
Phthaloylchitosan-based gel polymer electrolytes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells. Yusuf, S.N.F.; Aziz, M.F.; Hassan, H.C.; Bandara, T.M.W.J.; Mellander, B.-e.; Careem, M.A.; Arof, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 5334
Removal of petroleum spill in water by chitin and chitosan. Barrosa, Francisco Claudio de Freitas; Vasconcellos, Luiz Constantino Grombone; Carvalho, Tecia Viei Report Jan 1, 2014 2468
Water status detection by free-dipping method using Chitosan based sensor. Nasution, TulusIkhsan; Nainggolan, Irwana; Nasruddin, M.N.; Isnen, Maizal; Handinata, Oki Report Oct 30, 2013 974
Electrical properties of Chitosan-ferredoxin film. Shantini, Devi; Nainggolan, Irwana; Derman, Mohd Nazree; Ikhsan, Tulus Report Oct 30, 2013 1124
Mechanical properties of paper from oil palm pulp treated with chitosan from horseshoe crab. Agusnar, Harry; Nainggolan, Irwana; Sukirman Report Oct 30, 2013 2318
Water status detection by free-dipping method using Chitosan based sensor. Nasution, TulusIkhsan; Nainggolan, Irwana; Nasruddin, M.N.; Isnen, Maizal; Handinata, Oki Report Oct 1, 2013 974
Electrical properties of Chitosan-ferredoxin film. Shantini, Devi; Nainggolan, Irwana; Derman, Mohd Nazree; Ikhsan, Tulus Report Oct 1, 2013 1124
Mechanical properties of paper from oil palm pulp treated with chitosan from horseshoe crab. Agusnar, Harry; Nainggolan, Irwana; Sukirman Report Oct 1, 2013 2318
Effects of chitosan on body weight gain, growth hormone and intestinal morphology in weaned pigs. Xu, Yuanqing; Shi, Binlin; Yan, Sumei; Li, Tiyu; Guo, Yiwei; Li, Junliang Report Oct 1, 2013 4521
Gut chitinase activity from Reticulitermes virginicus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae). Arquette, Timothy J.; Rodriguez, Jose M. Report Sep 1, 2013 815
Effect of chitosan on cancer cells treated with therapeutic drugs: comparison of cell survival and pathways. Gao, Wenjuan; Lai, James C.K.; Leung, Solomon W. Author abstract Jun 1, 2013 222
Experimental improvement of preparation of acrylic acid-modified middle deacetylated chitosan and its application in absorbing paraquat. Hsu, Shih-Tong; Chen, Lung-Chuan; Leu, Min-Her; Hsiao, Wen-Feng; Lee, Wen-Ya; Pan, Ting-Chung Report Mar 1, 2013 3598
Chitin, chitosan, and glycated chitosan regulate immune responses: the novel adjuvants for cancer vaccine. Li, Xiaosong; Min, Min; Du, Nan; Gu, Ying; Hode, Tomas; Naylor, Mark; Chen, Dianjun; Nordquist, Robe Jan 1, 2013 6200
Curcumin-loaded chitosan/gelatin composite sponge for wound healing application. Nguyen, Van Cuong; Nguyen, Van Boi; Hsieh, Ming-Fa Report Jan 1, 2013 3540
Influence of physical and chemical modification on the optical rotatory dispersion and biological activity of chitosan films. Shipovskaya, A.B.; Fomina, V.I.; Rudenko, D.A.; Shchyogolev, S. Yu. Report Jan 1, 2013 3767
Preparation and characterization of chitosan binder-based Ti[O.sub.2] electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. Jin, En Mei; Park, Kyung-Hee; Park, Ju-Young; Lee, Jae-Wook; Yim, Soon-Ho; Zhao, Xing Guan; Gu, Hal- Report Jan 1, 2013 3892
Chitosan/carboxymethylcellulose/ionic liquid/Ag(0) nanoparticles form a membrane with antimicrobial activity. Quadros, Camila; Faria, Vinicius W.; Klein, Manuela P.; Hertz, Plinho F.; Scheeren, Carla W. Report Jan 1, 2013 5348
Interaction of silver nanoparticles and chitin powder with different sizes and surface structures: the correlation with antimicrobial activities. Nguyen, Vinh Quang; Ishihara, Masayuki; Nakamura, Shingo; Hattori, Hidemi; Ono, Takeshi; Miyahira, Y Jan 1, 2013 4088
Preparation of size-controlled silver nanoparticles and chitin-based composites and their antimicrobial activities. Nguyen, Vinh Quang; Ishihara, Masayuki; Mori, Yasutaka; Nakamura, Shingo; Kishimoto, Satoko; Hattori Jan 1, 2013 4040
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