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Chinese wartime forced laborers sue gov't, Niigata firm.

NIIGATA, Japan, Sept. 12 Kyodo

A group of Chinese filed a lawsuit Tuesday demanding the Japanese government and a harbor transport company in Niigata on the Sea of Japan coast pay about 175 million yen in compensation for forcing them to labor in Japan during World War II, their lawyers said.

The litigation filed in the Niigata District Court also demands the government and Rinko Corp. run apologies in newspapers over the forced labor.

The plaintiffs comprise six former laborers now living in China's Hunan and Liaoning provinces, including An Dengshan, 78, as well as two relatives of Liu Fengge, a Shandong Province resident who died in April at age 72.

According to the lawyers, the seven were forcibly taken to Japan around 1944 when aged about 20 and made to carry cargo at Niigata port.

They were not paid and received little food, the complaint says.

The company said it was established in 1905, has capital of 1.95 billion yen and is engaged in such business as harbor transportation, real estate, insurance agency and machinery sales.

Japan forced about 39,000 Chinese to work in Japan during the war to make up for a wartime labor shortage, and some 6,800 of them died during forced labor, according to a Japanese government report.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Sep 18, 2000
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