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Chinese textile exports at US$206.5 billion in 2010.

According to China's customs statistics, the nation's exports of textiles and apparel in 2010 increased by 23.6% over the previous year to US$206.53 billion, surpassing the previous record value of US$185.7 billion made in 2009.

China's exports of textiles and apparel first surpassed US$100 billion in 2005, and reached the US$200-billion level five years later. 2010 exports of textiles grew by 28.4% to US$77.05 billion, and those of apparel climbed 20.9% to US$129.48 billion.

Exports of textiles and apparel sharply increased because exports of textiles grew as a result of a relocation of apparel manufacturing bases to South and East Asia, and apparel demand recovered as stocks in Europe and the U.S. decreased. Monthly exports surpassed US$20 billion during July-September 2010, and were near this level in December.

Exports were able to increase despite labour shortages, sharp increases in wages and raw material costs, and the rise of the Chinese currency from the middle of the year.

In exports to Europe and the U.S., the rise in costs was passed on to export prices, and the unit price increased, thus accelerating the enlargement of the export value.

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