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Chinese regulators asks banks to reassess risks.

Global Banking News-12 April 2010-Chinese regulators asks banks to reassess risks(C)2010 ENPublishing -

Global Banking News - 12 April 2010(c)2005 - Electronic News Publishing -

The Chinese banking regulator has asked banks in the country to reassess risks after the banking industry made record loan dispersals last year.

The banking regulator has asked banks to reassess their risk exposures and submit reports by the end of June. Banking inspectors are expected to visit banks in the third quarter to check on the reports, and would discuss any discrepancies with banks after reviewing the reports.

The regulator is also expected to downgrade assets if needed by the third quarter. Authorities in China are concerned that a record USD1.4tn of lending last year is fuelling asset bubbles and wasteful investment.

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Publication:Global Banking News (GBN)
Date:Apr 12, 2010
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