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Chinese nuclear pact signed.

The House of Representatives has endorsed a resolution--already passed by the Senate--to permit U.S. exports of nuclear-power technology to China. This "agreement for nuclear cooperation," based on a pact worked out between President Reagan and Chinese officials in Beijing last year, allows U.S. reactor vendors to bid on an estimated $6 billion in business.

While China's failure to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty worries many U.S. lawmakers, compromise language contained in this resolution restricts ultimate congressional approval of any actual exports to certifications by President Reagan that he has established that China will not use the technology for acquiring nuclear weaponry.

Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio) is hoping to achieve even tougher controls on those exports. The existing resolution makes no provision for actually proving -- via traditional nuclear safeguards activities and monitoring -- that the Chinese abide by their pledge to use the technology for solely peaceful purposes. Legislation Glenn has introduced would require such safeguards.
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Title Annotation:U.S. exports of nuclear-power technology to China
Publication:Science News
Date:Dec 21, 1985
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