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Chinese national Fed. of Ind. steps up tapping China market.

Taipei, April 13, 2012 (CENS)--The Taiwan-based Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) newly elected chairman Rock Hsu has recently shown his ambition to step up tapping the China market by setting up the China Market Exploration Committee, also earmarking NT$5 million to host groups from China.

Due to the closer economic and trade ties between Taiwan and China, CNFI, Taiwan's largest industry association, has been a magnet for groups from China, having received 86 such groups last year.

Hsu says that CNFI members mainly come from the manufacturing sector and urgently need assistance from a specialized unit to help them set up distribution channels in China, especially when China has begun the 12th national five-year plan to build infrastructure and domestic demand.

Products made by CNFI members are popular in China and only integrated planning can help these members strengthen competitiveness in that huge market; while the CNFI has to set up an efficient service mechanism to help members upgrade and transform with changing trends, says Hsu.

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Author:Shen, Ben
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Apr 13, 2012
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