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Chinese military modernization; force development and strategic capabilities.


Chinese military modernization; force development and strategic capabilities.

Cordesman, Anthony H. and Martin Kleiber.

Ctr. for Strategic...Studies


226 pages



Significant issues series; v.29, no.3


The authors (both of The Center for Strategic and International Studies) provide a value-neutral, overarching assessment of the current state of Chinese military capabilities and current trends of Chinese military modernization. They begin with an analysis of key Chinese defense white papers, followed by a chapter that describes China's overall strategic doctrines, force structure, manpower, military spending, and arms purchases. They then offer chapters on the People's Liberation Army ground forces, navy, and air force, each covering doctrine, command and force structure, weapons acquisition and procurement, and modernization. China's nuclear forces and paramilitary forces are also assessed.

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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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