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Chinese media outrage on NATO attack on Pakistan.

BEIJING, December 02, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Chinese print and electronic media has shown complete solidarity with Pakistan following the 26th November NATO-ISAF attack on Pakistani check-posts and expressed their outrage giving a clear message to the world that Sino-Pakistan friendship is rock-solid. China's leading news resource and official news agency, Xinhua published dozens of news items in its Chinese as well as English editions focusing on various facets of the incident, highlighting the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. One of its reports said that the NATO raid is seen as a "serious blow for peace efforts in Afghanistan" and "to already strained relations" between Pakistan and Afghanistan." The most significant article appeared in China's most influential newspaper the People's Daily titled "The Anti-terror War Should Also Follow the Rules." The Chinese language newspaper has a circulation of 3.5 million in addition to millions of clicks on its online edition. Referring to the airstrikes the paper said that the debate about the nature of the incident gives rise to some important questions - How would the US-led war on terror continue? How will it impact the world? Such anti-terrorism operations will risk provoking the people who sympathize with and support terrorism; and, in consequence, take innocent lives and violate international laws. The US is, in effect, cultivating and adding to the fertility of the soil that breeds terrorism. The news analysis said that since 2004, US drones have killed more than 1,000 terrorists in Pakistan's tribal areas, resulting in heavy civilian casualties and a sharp rise in anti-American sentiment among the people of Pakistan. Yet, Pakistan and the US are joined together in the fight against terrorism. Most of the Chinese media following the incident wrote and broadcast detailed analyses, editorials and programs in support of Pakistan and urged the international community to respect the integrity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Pakistan has not only paid a huge cost in human and economic terms, its ability to control its domestic security has been systematically weakened. This is not only harmful to the future of the global struggle against terrorism, but also endangers long-term future stability of the region and beyond. The NATO and US should reflect on Saturday's incident, and not confine themselves to issuing apologies and carrying out technical analyses of the airstrikes. If they do not learn to respect Pakistan's independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty, there is a danger that "accidental bombings" may recur, the article maintained. China's most popular and widely circulated English daily, China Daily printed a picture, showing the coffins of Pakistani martyrs, in five columns at its back page. The paper also prominently printed the news of Pakistan Cabinet's decision of not attending the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan. The report was primarily based on the paper's own correspondents in Islamabad and Washington. In an editorial, China Daily asked the US to mend ties with Pakistan. It said "The latest friendly fire incident in Pakistan has plunged the already strained relationship between the United States and Pakistan to a new low." The write-up emphasized that "Washington needs to understand its ties with Pakistan should be based on mutual trust and respect." Shanghai's leading English newspaper, Shanghai Daily published a report quoted the Pakistani military sources as claiming that "NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers lasted for almost two houses and even after commanders at the bases pleaded with coalition forces to stop." China's another leading English language daily; Global Times published a similar story titled "Pakistan says NATO attack was blatant aggression." The story quotes Pakistan's DG MO, Maj. Gen. Ishfaq Nadeem as saying that "NATO forces were alerted they were attacking Pakistani posts but helicopters kept firing." In a news analysis titled "Pakistan-US ties worsen" Global Times published a news analysis that said that after the "Lethal cross-border NATO air strikes on Saturday" relations between Pakistan and the US "have plunged. into deep crisis" as Pakistan decided to boycott the Bonn Conference and "dismissed business as usual with Washington." The same article was re-printed by China's biggest web portal In another article titled "Unintended' NATO bombing smell fishy," published in Global Times, the author appropriately mentioned that "NATO military has stuck a nail in Pakistan. Even if they get the nail out some day, a hole will be left. If Washington sees the hole as of little importance, then their understanding of South Asia is fundamentally false." CCTV telecast nearly 40 news segments and reports since the NATO attacks focusing on the worsening of Pakistan US-NATO ties, Vacation of Shamsi air base and protests taking place at various places in Pakistan, stressing Pakistan's huge sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the need for the country's relations with the US to be based on mutual respect.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Dec 2, 2011
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