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Chinese Revaluation - Impact on Global Markets.

NEW YORK, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Chief Strategist of and, Kathy Lien, has published the following analysis of China's Revaluation and its impact on Global Markets.

After years of speculation, China has finally dropped its decade long peg to US dollar. As we have been predicting for some time, the one major currency pair that will be impacted the most by the revaluation announcement would be the Dollar against the Japanese Yen (USDJPY) and indeed the pair slid 200 pips or points following China's announcement.

So what did China do?

-- China adjusted the RMB peg to 8.11, which is 2% higher in value against the dollar

The pegged value of the RMB has been adjusted to 8.11 from 8.31. This rather modest revaluation of 2.5% will for the most part do little to reverse or relieve the US' burgeoning trade deficit. It does however have significant political and market implications. (See market section)

Immediate pressure on China to revalue its currency should move to the backseat for at least a few weeks. However, despite the move, we would not be surprised to hear some protests from US Senators that the revaluation move was too small and that China needs to make a much more concerted effort to allow the currency to increase in value, especially since 2.5% pales in comparison to the RMB's predicted undervaluation of 30-40%.

-- The daily trading band against the dollar is still 0.3%

China is hanging onto its 0.3% percent trading band against the dollar which means that even with this move don't except a lot of volatility in the currency pair. Also, speculators will probably stick around for a while longer which means that even though China has announced a move on its currency, the topic of revaluation and further steps by China will remain in the limelight.

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Date:Jul 27, 2005
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