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Chinese Foundry Assn. adjusts casting shipment figures. (Around the World).

The Chinese Foundry Assn., Beijing, China, announced that it under-reported its domestic casting production in MODERN CASTING's "35th Census of World Casting Production--2000," which was published in the December 2001 issue.

The underestimate was made in gray iron casting production. The correct figure is 8,639,966 metric tons--a difference of 3 million tons from the Chinese Foundry Assn.'s initial report. This puts the nation's total tonnage at 13,954,629 metric tons, which makes China the world's leader in casting production in 2000.
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Comment:Chinese Foundry Assn. adjusts casting shipment figures. (Around the World).(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:May 1, 2002
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