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Chinese Cellphone Maker Ramos Repurposes Electric Car Battery Technology to Extend Life of Cellphone Batteries.

[[para]]Electric car maker BYD's latest battery technology to be deployed in Ramos' Onemos Cellphone mos1[[/para]]

SHENZHEN, China, June 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The high-profile Onemos cellphone has gotten a lot of attention lately. Following the news that the phone features an anodized aluminum frame cut into 5 perfect symmetric facets to meet the 2.5D arc cover glass enclosure in a remarkable design, it has just recently been revealed that the same phone has adopted leading electric car manufacturer BYD's most advanced battery technology, a technology capable of increasing battery energy density and, as a result, achieving higher battery capacity in a battery of the same size. Previous reports in the media indicated that Ramos had joined hands with BYD to enter the cellphone market and BYD's co-founder Xia Zuoquan had significantly increased investment in the Onemos cellphone.

The Onemos cellphone mos1 battery comes with a 4.35 V high voltage design with higher battery capacity compared with traditional 4.2 V voltage. Joining hands with BYD, Ramos will integrate the latest electric car battery technology into a cellphone battery. The move is being seen across the cellphone sector as an innovative cross-industry integration. Energy density will be enhanced and battery capacity will be improved without any increase in the size of the cellphone battery, something that will be good news for a large number of cellphone owners.

As is quite well known, battery life has always been a pain point for smartphone manufacturers and users. At present, there are mainly two solutions to this problem. One is to improve capacity by increasing battery volume at the expense of having to insert an even heavier and larger battery into what needs to be a heavier and larger phone. The other is to enhance the energy density of the battery, which, in turn, extends the life of the battery, meaning higher capacity within the same size battery. Ramos' close partner BYD, a leader in the research and development of electric car batteries, will continue to introduce more cutting-edge battery technologies to the cellphone industry in a move to help tackle the prickly issue of cellphone battery life.

On the heels of further media coverage, the Onemos cellphone mos1 will soon be launched onto the market. Ramos is seeking partners in Southeast Asia and Europe. Please contact us by e-mail:! For more information, please visit the Ramos official website:, Facebook page Ramos Digital Technology and Twitter @ RamosTech

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SOURCE Shenzhen Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Date:Jun 24, 2015
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