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Articles from Chinese America: History and Perspectives (January 1, 2007)

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"My race, too, is queer" (1): queer mixed heritage Chinese Americans fight for marriage equality (2). Dariotis, Wei Ming Law overview 4498
"Town and gown" a mutual commitment": October 7, 2005, conference luncheon keynote address: Charles B. Reed, EdD. Reed, Charles B. 1573
"Town and gown: a mutual commitment": October 7, 2005, conference luncheon keynote address: Henry Der. Der, Henry Speech 1526
A snapshot of the Asian community in 1930s San Diego. Lee, Murray K. Brief article 285
Accessing cultural competent health education programs in the twenty-first century. Sun, Angela; Stearman, Sarah; Chow, Edward A. National organization overview 3963
Accommodating care of type 2 diabetes for the Chinese American family. Kwan, Christine M.L.; Chun, Kevin M.; Chesla, Catherine A. 363
Activating legal protections for archaeological remains of historic Chinatown sites: lessons learned from Oakland, California. Naruta, Anna 5381
Adaptation and organization: the history and heritage of the Chinese in the Riverina and western New South Wales, Australia. McGowan, Barry 5752
American Knees. Video recording review 202
Americans First: Chinese American and the Second World War. Book review 153
Banquet keynote speaker. Brief article 307
Becoming Chinese American: A History of Communities and Institutions. Book review 172
Beyond black and white: race, class, and Chinese Americans in multiracial Chicago. Lan, Shanshan 6370
Black Chinese: history, hybridity, and home. Thompson, Wendy Marie 5645
Branching out the Banyan Tree: a changing Chinese America: conference proceedings introduction. Dong, Lorraine 1617
Branching out: Chinese American literary studies in Taiwan. Shan, Te-hsing 7052
Chinatown Trunk Mystery: Murder, Miscegenation, and other Dangerous Encounters in Turn-of-the-Century New York City. Book review 193
Chinese American historical society, museum, and organization caucus. Dong, Lorraine; Woo, Jeannie 1611
Chinese Couplet: "El Barrio Chino" and "My Mother's Names". Video recording review 346
Chinese crossing borders: a roundtable comparing Chinese in Canada and the United States. Lim, Imogene; Wickberg, Edgar; Wong, Larry Brief article 269
Chinese language track [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]. 702
Community panels. 120
Conference honorees: Chinese America's grand historians *. Biography 1055
Conference sessions. Calendar 11840
Contested childhoods: the Pacific Society for the Suppression of Vice vs. the WHMS Methodist Oriental Home, 1900-1903. Staley, Jeffrey L. 11260
Courage and Contributions: The Chinese in Ventura County. Video recording review 236
Detention at Angel Island: first empirical evidence. Barde, Robert; Bobonis, Gustavo 364
Doctor Mom Chung of the Fair-Haired Bastards. Book review 233
Driven out: roundups and resistance of the Chinese in rural California. Pfaelzer, Jean 1288
Exile between two continents: Ettie Chin's war experience in China (1937-1944). Feng, Jin Biography 7092
Faithful Generations: Race & New Asian American Churches. Book review 87
Finding home again: the story of the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) and its efforts to reclaim the forgotten historic Chinatowns of San Jose, California. Lum, Rodney M. 3033
Forming a Chinese identity when everyone else is either black or white. Jung, John 3146
High school program. 441
Him Mark Lai: The People's Historian. Brief article 212
Homeland origins and political identities among Chinese Americans. Lien, Pei-te 6592
Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America. Book review 183
Island Mountain Days: Discovering Nevada's Chinese Miners. Television program review 194
Look Forward and Carry on the Past: Stories from Philadelphia's Chinatown. Video recording review 239
Mainstreaming and professionalizing Chinese-language education: a new mission for a new century. Kwoh, Stella 2475
Making history: conference banquet tribute to Philip P. Choy and Him Mark Lai. Hom, Marlon K. Speech 1813
Marriage Rights in the Media. Gaffney, Stuart 595
Mirrors and windows: Chinese American filmmakers. Lowe, Felicia; Mah, Simon; Soe, Valerie Brief article 259
More than ninety years of bay area history: group homes for Chinese children. Chan, Phillip; Gin, Lynette Choy Uyeda; Mar, Richard; Wyman, Nona Mock 1154
More to the Chinese side: the ruminations of a fifth-generation Chinese American filmmaker. Gow, William Personal account 4032
Motherland and Chinese diaspora. Zheng, Da 5728
Nameless Builders of the Transcontinental. Book review 177
Old rituals in new lands. Greenwood, Roberta S. 388
Oral history workshop. Yung, Judy 479
Overview and examples of NARA San Francisco historical resources then and now, 1975-2005. Nealand, Daniel 334
Portraits of Pride. Book review 190
Reclaimed stories: Chinatown, Oakland, California. Wong, William 437
Return of the "heathen Chinee": stereotypes in Chinese American archaeology. Fong, Kelly 2648
Rooted in the Americanization zeal: the San Francisco International Institute, race, and settlement work, 1918-1939. Urban, Andrew International organization overv 6147
Sam Fow Stories: Memories from Marysville's Chinatown. Brief article 129
Similarities in given names of Chinese and Anglo-Saxon origins. Woo Louie, Emma 3284
Special events and highlights. Calendar 526
Sweet Cakes, Long Journey: The Chinatowns of Portland, Oregon. Book review 171
The 1905 anti-American boycott as a transnational Chinese movement. Larson, Jane Leung 7134
The alien files or a files: the missing link. Lew, Jennie F.; Chooey, Jeanie W.; Nealand, Daniel 1026
The Canadian Chinese Exclusion Act and the veterans who overcame it. Wong, Larry 2014
The China Mystique: Pearl S. Buck, Anna May Wong, Mayling Soong and the Transformation of American Orientalism. Book review 206
The Chinese health agenda: proposed strategies for improving Chinese American health and wellness. Hall, Layla R.; Woo, Kent 3344
The Chinese in Hollywood Project. Brief article 252
The development of a community-based integrated health care system for the San Francisco Chinese community. Chow, Edward A.; Lau, Bernard; Leung, L. Eric; Loos, Richard; Yee, Brenda 3557
The development of Chinese ethnic communities in greater Boston. Lo, Shauna Brief article 295
The emergence of Chinese American women. Ding, Loni; Hansen, Jennie Chin; Kwok, Daphne; Yang, Doreen 349
The history of two Taoist temples: the Baiyunguan in Shanghai, China, and the Bok Kai in Marysville, California. Mann, Joan 4782
The new Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia. Wickberg, Edgar Regional, state, or local organi 3508
The use of complementary and alternative medicine among Chinese women with breast cancer. Wong-Kim, Evaon 4107
The visual dialectics of golf, leisure, and beauty in Eva Fong Chan's paintings. Lu, Di Yin Biography 6185
Twenty years of Chinese America: History and Perspectives. Lai, Him Mark Organization overview 977
What is Chinese American art? Johnson, Mark; Lo, Ch'ingche; Wong, Jade Snow Discussion 2072
What's Wrong with Frank Chin? Video recording review 240
Yeee-Hah!: Remembrance and Longing. Book review 159
Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music and Performance, 1850s-1920s. Book review 136
Youth empowerment: employing opportunities. Fung, Polly Kam Yan; Lin, David; Liu, Anna; Ng, Jeffrey 5256
Youth empowerment: language, barriers, and opportunities. Huang, Lucinda; Liu, Jiyang; Ruan, Calvin Jia Xing; Tam, Wai Kit 5059

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