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Chinese Ambassador: Russian-Chinese relations reach unprecedented height.

Russian-Chinese relations over the past decade have reached a new level, outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui wrote in a special article for TASS, APA reports.

"This has been the most unforgettable decade out of my entire diplomatic service, this has been a really golden decade when Chinese-Russian relationship of the all-encompassing strategic partnership entered a new era," the ambassador stressed.

"In 2011, three years after my arrival in Russia, Chinese-Russian relations reached a new level, becoming the ties of all-encompassing equal and trust-based partnership and strategic cooperation, mutual support, prosperity and friendship passed on from generation to generation," the envoy wrote.

Speaking on bilateral high-level contacts, Li Hui praised their fruitful business-like and friendly nature, noting that this has had a special role in developing bilateral ties.

The diplomat recalled that in March 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid his first state visit to Russia as the head of state and the following six years he visited Russia eight more times. "The heads of two states, like close relatives, exchanged visits many times, establishing close business ties and deep friendly relations, and at the same time implementing strategic leadership and planning further development of bilateral ties," he wrote.

Such diplomacy at the level of the heads of state is a unique case for foreign policy ties between two great powers, the ambassador stressed. "This confirms the highest importance that the sides attach to developing Chinese-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic partnership and also explains the significance of the role that Chinese-Russian relations are playing in defending peace, stability and development on the planet."

For many years, Chinese-Russian relations have been developing gradually to finally rise to an unprecedented new height, he noted. "Thus, during President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia this June, the two states' heads reiterated their position on bilateral ties: to develop Chinese-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic partnership, making efforts to attain the goals of mutual assistance and support, innovation, general welfare and mutual benefit," the envoy stressed.

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Publication:Azeri-Press News Agency
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Date:Jul 29, 2019
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