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China: In order to provide cleaner water for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing is investing 12.5 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) between 2006 and 2010 to combat water pollution. The project was issued by Beijing's planning agency in conjunction with the city's environmental regulator. Under the plan, 35 new wastewater treatment plants will be constructed by 2008; 90% of the wastewater in Beijing and 50% in its suburbs will be processed before it enters lakes and rivers. Beijing intends to block more than 1,000 sewer pipes along 30 of its rivers by 2008 as a component of the project. China's environmental protection bureau has indicated that the poor quality of bodies of water in the country are due to wastewater, the byproducts of industry and agricultural pollution.

Source: China's Ministry of Water Resources
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Title Annotation:Region Watch; clean water during 2008 Olympics
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Date:Dec 31, 2006
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