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China-Asean relations, April 2008 to September 2008: important documents.

Compiled by TENG Siow Song and LIM Chee Kia

4 May 2008         Joint Ministerial Statement of the 11th ASEAN
                   Plus Three ASEAN Ministers Meeting held in Madrid

15 May 2008        Secretary-General of ASEAN Expresses Condolences
                   to the Chinese Leadership for the Sichuan Earthquake

5 September 2008   ASEAN Secretariat Enters into Cooperation
                   Agreement with Guangdong Province
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Teng Siow Song ( is a Research Officer at the
East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore. He has
an MEcon from the University of Sydney. His main research
interests include China-Taiwan relations, ASEAN-China trade,
East Asian politics and contemporary East Asian issues.

Lim Chee Kia ( is a Research Assistant at
the East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore.
He has a MSc in Strategic Studies from the S. Rajaratnam
School of International Studies. His primary research
interest is the People's Liberation Army, but he also
follows Sino Japanese relations and cross-strait relations.
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Publication:China: An International Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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