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China urged to pressure North Korea over tests.

CHINA must use its influence to stop North Korea carrying out nuclear tests, Boris Johnson has urged.

The Foreign Secretary appealed to the Chinese government to tell Kim Jong-un's regime that its actions are "unacceptable" and "cannot go on".

International leaders condemned the state after it announced it had carried out its second atomic explosion of the year and biggest to date.

Mr Johnson said the testing was a "chronic problem" that was "intensifying" and the United Nations will consider new resolutions condemning the action. But he said China was the only country that holds sway over North Korea and urged it to intervene.

At a press conference in London, Mr Johnson said: "We have now seen a couple just in the last year, which suggests I think, worryingly, that perhaps the technology that the North Koreans have access to is improving."

Mr Johnson said international leaders were looking at UN security council resolutions to deal with the regime.

He added: "It will be no secret to the world if I say that there is only one country in the world that really has an influence on North Korea and that is of course China.

"So, we very much hope the Chinese will use their good offices to get over to the North Koreans that this cannot go on, this unacceptable and that these detonations must cease."

The test was branded an act of "fanatic recklessness" by South Korea, while the United States warned of "serious consequences".

North Korea has faced repeated international sanctions but the measures have done little to curb its nuclear activities.

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:9CHIN
Date:Sep 10, 2016
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