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China seeks more control over internet.


Censorship, not cybersecurity, has prompted China to propose changes to its Internet law that would broaden the definition of "internet information service providers" to include online forums, blogs, and microblogs.

According to an article in the Morning, the "Methods for Governance of Internet Information's Services" draft released by the Chinese government in June calls for microblog operators to cooperate with the government or face criminal punishment and lose their business licenses. The draft also calls for organizations that provide Internet information services to keep logs for 12 months and to provide technical assistance to the police and national security agencies.

Reuters reported that the document requires Internet information service providers who allow people to post to the Internet to ensure users are registered with their real identities. This would make it easier for the government to identify posters, thereby reducing anonymity. The draft was open for public comment until July 6, but no information was available at press time as to its outcome.

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Title Annotation:CENSORSHIP
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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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