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China pledges to safeguard info 'using all means'.

A recent article published on Bloomberg News says that China vows to use all necessary means to protect its information security, even if it must dispatch the military.

"China will do its utmost to protect the information safety of the country and its citizens," said Zhao Zeliang, a top-ranking cybersecurity agent, who presented China's first National Cybersecurity Strategy Report.

In November, China adopted a sweeping cybersecurity law that requires web operators there to cooperate with police investigations and at times provide source code and encryption keys,

Further, any new technologies to be used by the government and major industries will face heightened scrutiny, according to Zhao.

Under President Xi Jinping's tenure, cybersecurity has been a priority, a stance intensified by the revelations about U.S. spying on other nations, and, more recently, by the suspicion that Russia was instrumental in hacking American election systems.

In a statement, James Zimmerman, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said Beijing's direction is beginning to alarm foreign companies, and the new measures "create barriers to trade and innovation."

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Date:Mar 1, 2017
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