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China plans month of AIDS awareness activities.

BEIJING, Nov. 5 Kyodo

Chinese health officials have declared November an AIDS and sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) awareness month, which will be packed with education and fund-raising activities, the official Xinhua News Service said Wednesday.

Coming around from a trend of denial as late as two years ago, the Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS under the Health Ministry established ''Red Ribbon Month'' in the walk-up to International AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

This month, media will carry AIDS articles while universities hold AIDS lectures, Xinhua reported.

Some universities will also begin teaching AIDS education, the Beijing Evening News reported Wednesday.

On Wednesday, government officials in conjunction with Harvard University held an all-day forum to promote public-private partnerships to research and treat AIDS.

It attracted about 75 people from pharmaceutical firms, corporations such as BP and Ford Motor Co. and Chinese AIDS awareness groups.

AIDS funding is hot now, a BP participant said, so China is wise to promote it.

The Chinese government lacks the funds to effectively fight AIDS itself, Xinhua said, quoting a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expert.

Since the mid-1990s, an estimated 1.04 million people in China have contracted AIDS, mostly through needle sharing, and 200,000 have died, official media reported last month. China aims to keep the number of HIV carriers in the country under 1.5 million by 2010.
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Publication:Asian Economic News
Date:Nov 10, 2003
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