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China media report overseas.


China Media Report Overseas, conceived of as a sister journal of China Media Research, is an international bilingual English-Chinese journal. China Media Report Overseas is designed to benefit people who may have linguistic difficulty in gaining direct access to the papers published in China Media Research, which latter is an established journal published by us, and is the first international English-language journal in its field. Like China Media Research, China Media Report Overseas is intended to bring the results of Chinese media/communication research to the attention of the world, as well as to facilitate, in reciprocal fashion, the acquaintance of scholars within China with media/communication research done outside of China. Therefore, not only papers directly related to all the fields of Chinese media/communication research are welcome, but also thoughtful, pioneering media/communication research papers from any sectors of the world, the acquaintance with which would be useful for media/communication scholars within China. Submissions can be in any of a variety of types; in addition to regular papers, book reviews, investigative reports, opinions/debates, interviews, news items, letters, etc. are all suitable.

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Publication:China Media Report Overseas
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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