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China expands high-speed rail.

A 132 km high-speed rail link has opened in eastern China linking Hefei and Bengbu in Anhui Province, Xinhua has reported. The section also connects with the high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai.

According to Xinhua, the high-speed service "greatly shortens trips from the Anhui cities of Hefei, Bengbu, and Huainan to the Yangtze Delta in the east, Pearl River Delta in the south, and Bohai Sea Rim in the north, all, national economic engines."

The railway line is intended to reduce travel, time between Hefei and Bengbu by about an hour, to 38 minutes. Trains travel at speeds up to 350 km an hour.

China has more than 6,800 km of rail lines that run trains at speeds greater than 200 km per hour. The Ministry of Railways has predicted that high-speed rail network will extend to about 18,000 km by 2015.

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