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China denies rumors of nuclear radiation to stabilize salt price.

China's authorities on Thursday told its residents that they need not panic buy salt, and  blamed baseless rumors that iodine in salt could protect them  from radiation sickness.

Salt with iodine could  not help to protect people from nuclear radiation, and people need not hoard salt and panic, said China's expert from Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Guangdong province.

The expert also said sea salt supply volume is only no more than 20 percent of  total salt supply, and even Japan's radiation leaked into the sea, it would not affect China's salt supply.

Meanwhile, China National Salt Industry Corp. said the nation has ample salt reserves to meet consumer demands.

The National Development and Reform Commission said in an urgent notice issued on Thursday that local price control authorities should counter rumors about shortages of daily necessities and hoarding of these goods, Xinhua reported.

In some Chinese cities, rumors said that salt with iodine could help to protect people from nuclear radiation.

Another rumor said that radiation has leaked into the sea from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, compromising the safety of sea salt.

These rumors have caused  salt panic buying in some Chinese cities, such as Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Ningbo.
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Date:Mar 17, 2011
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