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China and Gino find right mix to keep their marriage spicy yet sweet.

China and Gino Gonzalez are living proof that it's ideal to be married to your best friend. The cool couple makes marriage seem so easy. Aside from their shared passion for food as top chefs, they know how to turn everything into fun.

For instance, they call each other 'booger' or 'boogs' when they are in a playful mood. But their real term of endearment is 'hunny bunny/hun bun.' I love being around them. They spread their joie de vivre around so well.

The couple's adorable daughter, Lucia, turned 6 recently. They are expecting another baby girl in October. She will be named Mikaela Alexandra Jose.

Yet another 'baby' of theirs is Gino's YouTube channel, Chef Gino's Kitchen.

Just like the dishes that they whip up, China and Gino have found the right mix to keep their marriage spicy yet sweet.

Here's my chat with China (C) and Gino (G):

If you were a dish, what would you be?

C: Meringue, beautiful and sweet. Yummy. Crispy on the outside, hollow and chewy inside (laughs).

G: Eggs Benedict. Simple dish, but if you know the complexities behind it, [you'll find] it is quite a complicated dish-

from the fork splitting of the muffins instead of a knife to create a lot of texture, the ham that gives it umami, then the perfectly poached egg that cascades when you slice it and mixes with the dish and finally finished with hollandaise.

Tell us about your YouTube channel.

G: I always get told that I should start having my channel and that my Instagram wasn't enough because I love sharing recipes and kitchen tricks.

So, after years of wanting to put one up, it finally happened. I also plan to share my future travels-and anything and everything related to food.

How are you preparing Lucia to be an ate?

C: Reassurance of my love for her is my top priority. I also involve her in 'getting ready' activities-she accompanies us to our checkups, helps me use my doppler at home. I psyche her up about helping me change the diaper and 'ate chores.'

What makes your marriage with China work?

G: It is always a give-and-take situation, and I guess we have learned to be patient with each other.

Also, I always put my family first. They're my top priority more than anything on this planet.

After you give birth, will you go back to doing TV shows and movies?

C: I would love, if given the chance, to host a cooking show or act in movies.

Who are some of the celebs who frequent your resto, Cafe Ysabel, and what are their fave dishes?

G: A graduate from our culinary school (Center For Asian Culinary Studies), Judy Ann Santos frequents our resto. She always orders truffle pizza and Caesar salad.

Bea Binene, who studies in our school, also frequents the resto. Our loyal customers are Richard and Lucy Gomez, Tita Mitch Valdes, and Johnny Revilla, to name a few.

What advice about marriage and motherhood from your mom, Tingting Cojuangco, do you follow?

C: A lot of patience is a must, filled with love and understanding.

In what ways are you and (sister) Mikee alike and different?

C: We are both very approachable, easy to get along with-I'm slightly more kalog and beki, though (laughs). We have different identities and characteristics and, some would say, similarities.

What's the craziest experience you and China have had?

G: When we travel, there are a lot of crazy and super funny moments. We have been together for almost 14 years, so it is hard to single out just one crazy moment.

PERSONAL: Happy birthday to my walking dictionary/ pride and joy, my daughter Bianchi.
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
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Date:Sep 3, 2019
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