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China Trends Further Completes The CEM Industry Chain by M&A.

Hong Kong, Aug 31, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - 2011 marks the beginning of the first year of China's Twelfth Five-Year Plan, in which the main line of energy sector is regarded to change from "coal-based electricity as the core" into the "energy-saving as the first." The series of actions not only reveal a strong national commitment to the development of green energy industry, but also indicate that the companies engaging in contract energy management (CEM) as the main business of energy conservation solutions will usher in a golden development period. China Trends Holdings Limited ("China Trends", Stock Code: 8171.HK), the company actively involves in mergers and acquisitions for business growth, is one of the direct beneficiaries during the period.

Since the World Climate Conference was held in Copenhagen in late 2009, with the current demand for global energy conservation strategy and the target for China's 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP to drop by 40%-45% comparing than that in 2005, China Trends completed theacquisition of Boss Dream (China) Limited) ("Boss China") to layout the CEM blueprint. We then completed a rights issue of approximately HK $ 132 million (after deduction of expenses) in mid 2010 for the reserve of developing the new business modelof CEM, in order to meet different levels of energy emission reduction requirements and develop a new profit model. We also actively involve in M&A to create low-carbon talent, low carbon protection, and low carbon financial platform, which are basedon the human, financial, and material aspects to support and improve the CEM chain completion.

For low-carbon talent, China Trends announced last November that, Boss China and Boss Dream Cultural Communication Company Limited ("Boss Cultural") would commence exclusive cooperation on the joint construction and operation of online education platform, video production platform, reward redemption platform and advertisement broadcasting platform. Then in December, we entered into a cooperative framework agreement with Boss Cultural and Need Education Program Office ("Need Education") to establish cooperation for building the 10,000 education platforms with the alliance partners in mainland China with a view to promoting the programs of NeedEducation. The mentioned move is to break through the old traditional classroom teaching and focus more on the four directions of personnel educational background, qualification, employment and entrepreneurship, with the usage of energy-saving all-in-one computers, to upgrade into the most advanced interactive learning system to provide low cost, effectiveness, targeted training for the local community to resolve the employment problem, and provide a number of development pipelines of high quality talent pool for CEM companies.

For low carbon protection, we have entered into the sale and purchase agreement to acquire the sale share of Full Smart Asia Limited ("Full Smart"), which marks the milestone of entering the field of energy-savingbuilding construction. Dooda Innovation China Limited ("Dooda China"), the subsidiary of Full Smart, will apply its low carbon energy technology solutions through the cooperation with construction developer(s) in their construction project(s) for low carbon commercial building(s), low carbon tourism centre(s), low carbon exhibition centre(s) and low carbon healthcare centre(s), with the usage of CEM business model, to offer rent-free office space, rent-free quarters assigned to employees, rent-free use of conference centers and exhibition reception sites to enterprises, which minimize the operating costs and integrate resources among the group.

Low carbon financial platform is another scheme that China trends would like to take part in.Its design is to attract interested parties to the field of low-carbon aspects based on four different platforms to provide funding, including financing services, credit guarantees, investment management and venture capital. The parties could be those that have settled, will be settled or is willing to settle in the low carbon protection sector. Through the full range of financial services, the platform could offer fund for the operations and supports of low-carbon programs.

We are determined to involve in mergers and acquisitions for building the low-carbon talent, low carbon protection, and low carbon financial platform based on the human, financial, and material aspects, with a view to perfecting the formation of CEM industry chain and expanding the unique nature of core values and corporate competitiveness.

About China Trends

China Trends Holdings Limited ("China Trends", Stock Code: 8171.HK) is principally engaged in energy-saving e-solutions, while the brand new idea for energy-saving digital industry further make use of the energy management contract (CEM) model and ultimately apply to different sectors. The Company is determined to become an application access of "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources", "New Materials" and "New Media" - and is listed on The GEM Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 31 July 2002. Fore more information, please visit

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