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China Railways showed interest to endow in Pakistan Railways under CPEC.

BEIJING -- China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC), Tangshan, has shown fanatical enthusiasm to invest in Pakistan Railways under the umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project by providing products and services to Pakistan Railways.

This initiative is revealed by Hu Rui, the director of Overseas Targeted Publicity Corporate Culture Department.

The Director, Hu Rui briefed in detail to the delegation of South Asian and South East Asian countries, that CRRC has a immense potential and it is only emphasizing on various prospects to augment its operations in different countries getting Chinese investment under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Furthermore, she added that CRRC has already nominated the bid for supplying almost 230 modern coaches to Pakistan, which will be a helping hand for improvisation of Pakistan's railway.

Hu Rui also said, 'CRRC is based on the erudition from international first-class projects for their latest management thoughts and techniques, due to which CRRC Tangshan takes equivalent construction as the foundation and adopt five implement approaches consisting, business arrangement optimization, huge technical system, large quality system, standardized factory and information conception.'

She also mentioned, 'CRRC Tangshan, is China's initial railway equipment factory founded in 1881, and it has created abundant number ones in the industry and left bottomless front in the history of China's machinery industry.'

Qatar Charity, See plans for a safe house Mirpurkhas

MIRPURKHAS: Syed Mehdi Ali Shah Deupty Commissioner Mirpurkhas visited with High officials of Qatar Charity and Raja Abdul Haq here on Monday at Ghoss e Azam tawn Mirpurkhas . Deupty Commissioner Mirpurkhas direction to the Qatar Charity Engineer,s The facility, which will be equipped with a generator capable of powering the building, will be used to house essential personnel in the event of a storm that requires evacuation. The safe room will be designed to withstand 200 mph winds and use high quality electrical matterial in this safe house project.

Mr Habib u Rehman field co ordinator Qatar Charity told .

"When the water comes, every component of our flood defense system must perform to protect lives and property from destruction. The Safe House and Consolidated Facilities will provide a necessary structure to support and accomplish that mission," Say,s Habib u Rehman Field Co ordinator Qatar Charity along with Mohammad Waqas , Programs manager and Raheela Khaskhaily . Further he said the safe house Mirpurkhas "This facility represents efficiently, transparently and effectively." in the ocation Karim bux kapri and alarge no,s of people's attend the simple ceremony of new safe house it's constructive by Qatar Charity . 9000 Sq fit plot donated by Raja Abdul Haq to the Malik Welfare association for safe house Mirpurkhas .

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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Nov 21, 2018
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