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China Light reaches America in April.

China Light reaches America in April

The Zhujiang Brewery in the People's Republic of China has announced a new brand--China Light--will reach the shores of America in April.

The beers American importing agent, PMI Co. of Newtown, CT, has marketed the new beer as an "alternative to Tsingtao" beer. According to PMI's president, Michael Brennan, China Light is light in taste and color, with a white, creamy head.

The five-year-old Zhujiang Brewery, located in the province of Canton, brews under the supervision of Belgium's Artois Breweries, lending to a "taste, appearance and consistency of fine European brews," Brennan reported.

The product will be available for sampling at May's National Restaurant Assn. Show in Chicago.

PHOTO : CHINA LIGHT, the newest import from the People's Republic of China, which will be marketed as the "alternative to Tsingtao" beer, will be available to U.S. wholesalers in April.
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Title Annotation:newest beer import from China
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 18, 1991
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