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China Led Dialogue Among Civilization.

In this world of growing chaos, conflict and threat to the world peace, with mounting trade wars and battles for riches and rule, the Conference on Dialogue on Asian Civilization conceptualized by President Xi Jinping, was a breath of fresh air. With an underlining emphasis on dialogue between the civilizations and cultures amongst the countries engaging in the backdrop of growing Chinese lead Belt and Road Initiative-a global mammoth project of connectivity and prosperity, the meeting was aimed at promoting the exchanges of discourse and understanding. The conference was also organized at the times when few of the elements in the west were continuously terming the recent US-China rift as "clash of civilization and a different ideology" which is dangerously irresponsible narrative having seeds of confrontation within for world at large.

Whereas, in certainty, there have always remained dialogue and negotiations mechanisms emplaced between US and China but also the other nations states aswell in the global system at large. There is growing divergence of interests especially with rising challenge to a hegemon habitual of unilateral system of influence while there is a rise of multilateralism and challenges to the status quo posed by China. With rise of Chinese economy and growing potential especial after the advent of BRI and global opening up, the country has a leading position to develop a consensus to develop a unique Asian Civilization paradigm to develop and challenge the dominant powers and ideologies. The occasion was attended by the state leaders, heads of international organizations and representatives from various fields of humanities.

Apart from the central conference where President Xi was a keynote speaker, there were numerous side events to commemorate diverse and indigenou Asian culture comprising Asian Cultural Carnival, Asian Civilization Week, and an Asian Food Festival and finally six parallel session for Asian Leaders were arranged. Furthermore, government officials from Asia and beyond continent, representatives of relevant International Organizations and officials related to culture, arts and civilization were invited in the week-long event. CDAC has managed to win global recognition in terms of diverse participation and partnership of global agencies like UNESCO.

In partnership with UNESCO, Chinese Ministry of Education organized a panel on "Safeguarding the Diversity of Asian Civilizations" recently. The empaneled speakers focused on pre-decided agenda covering historical perspectives of diversity of Asian civilizations, cultural interaction among Asian people, identifying common heritage, challenges faced by integration and diversity of cultures, and in the end exploring and promoting commonalities of shared cultures.

In his keynote and inaugural speech, President Xi "called for discarding arrogance and prejudice, deepening the understanding of differences in civilizations, and advancing inter-civilizational exchanges and dialogue," He also said that "It is foolish to believe that one's race and civilization are superior to others," Xi said. "It is disastrous to willfully reshape or even replace other civilizations."

President Xi presents the extension of his vision towards multipolar world, social digitization, and cultural diversity which offers hope to human society where equality and respect must be exercised. The world led and envisioned by China is prosperous with peaceful coexistence. The Chinese leadership is vehemently presenting opposition to unilateral liberal values and export of Western Democracy in developing states.

Infrastructure development in partner states presents one aspect of Chinese openness towards the world which appears to be more tangible and concrete and may least consequential in far future but invisible and intangible links, that are of culture and civilization's, constitutes the tools for China to exert its leadership potential in Asia and beyond. China has persistently favored reforms in global governance, internationalized its currency, and sharing its culture, language and media with fellow Asians and even Europeans through well-funded educational programs i.e. Confucius Institutes. China and other Asian partners of China have rightfully identified culture a common binding force among them which needs to be further explored and shared to seek cultural affinity.

President Xi stressed that there are no clash of civilizations and people need to have a heart to appreciate each civilization.Thousands of years ago, the lives, cultures, cuisine, trade and business thrived on ancient Silk Road with ever mounting enlightenment thriving with travel of human race from across the globe. The travelers brought the essence of tolerance and dialogue with developing "Karwan Sarai", development of new languages such as Urdu, music, cuisine and amalgamation of these cultures made new pathways and brought new diversity. This has created the culture of Silk Road of its own. Beautiful, mesmerizing yet preaching and propagating peace, tolerance and civility amongst the inhabitants. The centuries old history of the world at large and Silk Road is witness to the fact that the civility and civilizations grow when they learn from each other.

Advent of paper, printing press, tradition of translation from one language to another also brought the understanding hence recorded the movement of revival and renaissance in the world. With its uniqueness, CADC is presenting a exceptional forum and opportunity for the countries, nations states and nations to build synergies and unity in diversity in this global civil society. This is the world needs right now. More peace, understanding and normalcy. This conference has also boosted the narrative of building to rediscover the Asian identities to connect and coup with the changing world.

It is also pertinent to note that most of the forums including recent CADC, Boao Forum for Asia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN and several others, have always been encouraged, led and supported by China. BRI with strong connectivity ideology in its essence, inspire stronger relationship amongst the cultures and people at large. Moreover, during the CADC, Asian Civilization Week attracted the people across the world in abundance where cultural parades, performances and other artful cultural activities were presented. To add more fun, a series of movies covering different themes and topics were screened in cinemas across China.

Artists from Pakistan, China, Jordan, Philippines, Malaysia and India showed "A Panorama of Asia" to the audience. Asian Food Week presents delicious cuisines from all across Asian countries and shared recipes. This food festival held simultaneously in four major cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu in China. In addition to it, there held Asian Cultural Carnival in Beijing's National Stadium themed at "Celebration of Youth, Dream of Asia" hosted by China Media Group. This carnival shows cased 15 extravagant performances of around 30,000 performers representing over 47 countries. In addition to it, Carnival launched its thematic song "Our Asia" collectively sung by students and artists of different countries representing one Asia.

The song was followed by CDAC parade in the stadium representing 47 states and regions. Without a doubt, China is leading the Asian world opposing the forces of oppression and unilateralism with its openness, sharing of prosperity wisdom and cooperation hence blocking all the hinderance on the way of peace and progress. Evidently, China and the US have engaged in trade tussle but the positive attitude of leadership in China keeps the talks open and avenues of cooperation unguarded even with its competitors. China has exponentially succeeded in winning partners in South, Central and East Asia driven by common culture and heritage which eventually foster trade, tourism, culture exchange and tenants of interdependence.
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