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China : ICBC Takes Eight Measures to Ensure Financial Services during the Spring Festival.

As informed by ICBC, in order to better meet customers demands for financial services during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dog, ICBC tailored service schemes and adopted a series of convenient and preferential measures to provide secure, fast and diverse financial services primarily from the following eight aspects.

First, ICBC makes an overall schedule of business hours for all outlets. The bank will ensure enough outlets to open for businesses, covering major commercial districts and residential areas, so that services that are closely related to residents daily lives can be provided as usual. For example, in busy and key districts of Beijing, each day more than 50% of its outlets will open for business from the Lunar New Year Eve to the second day of the Spring Festival. The figure will rise to 70% on the third and the fourth day and 100% on the fifth and sixth day. In Shanghai and Guangzhou, more than 50% of its outlets will open for business during this period. Besides, outlets closed during the holiday will make public their business schedules in advance, so that customers can plan their own schedules accordingly.

Second, ICBC guarantees smooth self-service operations to meet business demands of residents during the Spring Festival. Before the Spring Festival holiday, ICBC rolled out comprehensive examination and maintenance for all self-service devices, especially those in key transportation hubs, commercial areas, residential communities as well as those in self-service banks outside outlets, to ensure their normal operations. In response to the high demand for withdrawal and depositing during the holiday, ICBC will replenish cash reserve in ATMs and the frequency of cash loading and unloading. ICBC also has put in place in some outlets the pilot bankbook self-service devices in a bid to help customers, especially the middle-aged and senior customers, to save their time waiting in a line. Besides, the bank has enhanced emergency service management. The machine operation and maintenance departments will make a reasonable rotation to respond to and handle emergency calls about cards eaten and account services on a timely basis. As to customers who are in urgent need of cash but forget to bring ICBC cards alongside, ICBC will provide three secure, convenient and efficient cash withdrawal services to help them out, namely reserving cash withdrawal by phone number, cash withdrawal by scanning QR code and cash withdrawal by mobile PAY.

Third, ICBC provides 24-hour e-banking for customers. During the Spring Festival, ICBC will continue to provide e-banking services such as phone banking, internet banking as well as mobile banking around the clock, to facilitate withdrawal, depositing, transfer, remittance, wealth management plan subscription, mobile top-up and utility payments. ICBC has deployed sufficient personnel in remote banking center to ensure the smooth running of services via phones, SMS, ICBC Link and WeChat by customers during the Spring Festival.

Fourth, ICBC introduces a range of inclusive and convenient services for the public to provide all kinds of real benefits for customers. Customers who conduct intra-bank transfer, interbank transfer or cross-city transfer via ICBC mobile banking (remitting to ICBC overseas branches included), will be eligible for free service charge, and those who conduct the above-mentioned businesses via personal internet banking will be exempted from service charges for trading amount within RMB5,000 and enjoy a 50% off the standardized charge at bank counter for amount surpassing RMB5,000. Besides, ICBC will provide customers with more convenient payments and preferential policies through Vitalizing Breakfast, Smart Travel and Happy Shopping. Starting from today, the bank will roll out the promotion of ICBC Debit Cards Enjoy a Pool of Benefits on Monday, which allows customers to enjoy instant rebate while using ICBC debit cards at merchants such as Holiland and

Fifth, ICBC brings about secure and convenient online consumption experience through Internet financial services. For example, ICBC Mall, an e-commerce platform, has prepared plenty of quality products for the Spring Festival while offering promotions such as Group buying and discount. Customers can also redeem their points for products, receive real-time consumption loans and buy air tickets with special offers during the Spring Festival. Customers can make secure and convenient payments through ICBC e-Payment with all applications. For example, if a customer purchases an air ticket from airline official websites such as Air China or a train ticket from 12306, he or she can make a quick payment via ICBC e-Payment.

Sixth, ICBC does not suspend its investment and wealth management services and will launch multiple excellent wealth management products during the Spring Festival. As to wealth management products, customers can subscribe to all ICBC wealth management products via internet banking, outlets and mobile phones. ICBC will introduce multiple excellent wealth management products such as Xin De Li, ICBC Xin Chun and An Xiang Chang Ying, whose length ranges from 1 day to 5 years. Besides, customers buying the e-Money Link product can still enjoy the instant cash redemption with the mode of T+0 Second during the holiday. Services for investment transactions such as personal forex settlement and sales, forex buying and selling, account precious metals, account crude oil and paper natural gas, will be provided as usual. Customers can operate via electronic channels and over the counter.

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Date:Mar 3, 2018
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