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China : Headquarters acceptance civilized and harmonious community demonstration Baling Petrochemical create work.

China Petrochemical News Network (Reporter Peng Exhibition) in late September, the China Petrochemical Corporation, civilized and harmonious community demonstration expert group to review and acceptance Baling Petrochemical, create a community garden on the housing 5A level demonstration area, Takayama community to create 4A level model cell work review and acceptance, and the South Lake community 4A level demonstration area for review.

2013, in honored as "the national security community" basis, Baling Petrochemical start to create a civilized and harmonious community demonstration work, and create a national civilized unit as an important part of one. According to "company organizations, community-led, community creative, full participation, in an orderly way" principle, the company clearly "strive to four years, to create the company '4A' level or '5A' grade civilized and harmonious Demonstration Area 3 more "build target. Home Park District, South Lake district headquarters first to create 4A level civilized and harmonious demonstration area, the other 6-cell synchronization civilized demonstration area to create a harmonious work.

Home garden, Lake and Takayama three residential communities, respectively 84, 33, 134, nearly 6800 households, the resident population of nearly 2 million, accounting for about 34% of the total resident population. In the efforts to create "peace and happiness, the truth, a beautiful environment, healthy and happy, civilized and harmonious" "type five" community process, the three communities combined with the actual control headquarters to create a standard 8 categories 40 Xiao Xiang, good "provisions action "innovative" Freestyle ", achieved positive results, comprehensive service satisfaction survey were more than 98% of Baling petrochemical fourth among national civilized unit building blocks.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 12, 2016
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