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China: Broiler Imports to Decline in 2011.

October 12 2010 - China's broiler meat imports in 2011 will decrease 14 percent to 280,000 metric tonnes (MT) following an estimated 22 percent decrease in the previous year, excluding chicken claws.

In a report US government analysts said that in 2010 Chinese broiler meat imports from the United States (including claws) have fallen more than 80 percent (through July) due to anti-dumping and counter-vailing duties imposed on U.S. poultry in mid-February.

The report said: "These duties will continue into 2011 as a result of MOFCOM's recent final determinations in their anti-dumping and counter-vailing duty investigations. Higher imports from Brazil and Argentina have not completely replaced the sharply lower imports from the United States due to capacity limitations on South American product. Argentina cannot supply significant volumes of mid-wings, a key import item in China. In addition, traders are reporting that quality is sometimes uneven compared to other suppliers."
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Date:Oct 12, 2010
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