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China's long refrigeration wish list reflects deep need for much equipment.

China's Long Refrigeration Wish List Reflects Deep Need for Much Equipment

China needs it all, from industrial freezing and transportation equipment to retail display cabinets, according to the Chinese Association of Refrigeration.

Up to 80% of the perishable food in the country goes unprotected during distribution, the Association reports in its brochure for China Refrigeration '91, a trade show set for Oct. 10-15 at the Beijing Exhibition Center (Fax Ms. Xiao Haiya at 5125183 for more information).

The Chinese are very specific about what they want: refrigeration units for one- to ten-ton trucks and 20- and 40-foot containers, immersion freezers for IQF shrimp with a capacity of 300 to 500 kilograms per hour, screw compressors with nominal diameters of 80 to 315 mm (with internal volume ratio regulators, thermo-syphon oil injection and economizers), etc.

Some of the other items on their wish list:

* Spiral, fluidized bed and plate freezers

* Refrigerant charging kits

* Horizontal and multideck vertical display cabinets

* Automatic controls for refrigeration systems

* New insulating materials

* Ice-making equipment

* Evaporative condensers

China itself produced 60,000 refrigeration equipment units of all kinds at 244 plants in 1988 - primarily compressors and absorption machines. In addition to that, the industry turned out more than 465,000 air conditioners and 49,000 refrigerated display cabinets. But freezing equipment produced locally is still in short supply, although output of walk-in and reach-in cold stores was 3,000 in 1988.

As of the end of 1989, cold stores in China totaled 22,835,000 cubic meters, with a capacity of 3,885,000 tons - 14,080,000 cubic meters with a capacity of 2,880,000 tons were devoted to frozen food, and 8,743,500 cubic meters with a capacity of 1,005,000 tons to chilled food. Blast feezers at cold stores, with a capacity of 52,000 tons a day, produced 2,323,000 tons of FF in 1988 - mostly meat carcasses - or 2.1 kilograms per capita.

Refrigerated transport in China includes 4,400 rail cars (only 1,700 of which are mechanically refrigerated). About 50 or 60 mechanically refrigerated and 300 ice-cooled cars are produced each year. There are 8,000 refrigerated trucks, but only 10% are mechanically refrigerated. Refrigerated van production is 1,600 a year. Some 60 coastal ships have a total capacity of 100,000 cubic meters, and 150 inland ships a capacity of 500,000. But all forms of refrigerated transport can handle only 15-20% of perishables, which means that a lot of damage occurs during transport - especially to fruits and vegetables.
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Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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