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China's First Privacy Protection Application for Mobile Devices Receives Much Acclaim Following U.S. Release.

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 12[], LEO Privacy Guard, a mobile app that protects privacy stored on smartphones and mobile devices, ranked the sixth in the U.S. on Google Play Top App Charts and had climbed to second place in the Tools category. The impressive performance of the application has prompted many smartphone owners to explore this recent "dark horse" entrant.

Some comments on the mobile app by users prior to the formal roll out.

"Cool," "great," "amazing," "love it," and other strong expressions of admiration demonstrated the appreciation from smartphone users for the application. LEO Privacy Guard caters to smartphone users' demand for privacy protection with its lock phone feature, one that differentiates the app from its rivals in the mobile phone market.

Hardly has anyone forgotten the leak of celebrities' private pictures that occurred a few months ago, an event involving over 100 celebs and that remained in the spotlight for over two months. It was the broadest privacy breach in recent years. This case alone shows how every mobile phone user is similarly at risk of a privacy leak. According to findings released by the Pew Research Center, 93% of Americans acknowledged that privacy protection was important and 74% said that it was of major importance. Very few respondents felt that they could effectively protect content that they considered private from being leaked. According to emarketer's forecast concerning global smartphone usage between 2015 and 2018, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to climb to 2.56 billion by 2018, raising the risk factor for all nature of privacy breaches and leaks multifold. These facts should serve as a warning about the importance of privacy protection and cause every online and mobile user to ponder what they are doing to protect their treasured privacy - Do we really have our own privacy? Is the entire online and mobile environment unsafe? How can we protect our privacy effectively?

LEO Privacy Guard creates a satisfying solution to all these issues. It reduces the probability of a privacy leak by eliminating the root causes.

1. AppLock Just one click to lock all apps and a simple switch to change among the many possible display modes. Different modes for each query scenario. An array of methods to cover or mask your apps and place a guard on your phone.

2. Privacy Protection Privacy alerts keep you informed of the security status of your phone and keeps your private pictures, videos, texts and call logs protected from the prying eyes of snoopers.

3. Stunning New Design New design of the user interface - simple, handy and intuitive. A wide selection of stylish themes to adorn your lock screen.

4. APP Cover No more fear of having your personal photos, videos, private calls hacked or stolen - your pictures remain with you at all times.

Privacy protection is a "wall" that needs constant building, improving and maintenance over the long term, rather than a mission that can be completed overnight. LEO Privacy Guard represents a milestone for Leomaster, China's first privacy protector focused on the mobile world.

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Date:Oct 16, 2015
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