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Children learn respect; views.

IN response to the letter from G Rowbottom, who says that it is not the parents to blame for children with no respect, it is parents who are afraid to discipline their children because of laws.

We brought up five children with respect without having to beat them.

Respect is taught from an early age through love, kindness and talking to your children, putting time into them, and my sons and daughters have families of their own and have great respect for everyone. If a child has not got respect by the time they are ten, they will never have it.

So don't blame society for lack of parenting. On any given day on a high street parents with children crying will tell them to shut up with the most foul language.

They have no respect for people around them or themselves and they are teaching their children to swear.

Christopher Elliott, Erdington
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 26, 2012
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