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Children do need protection; PARENTS' DILEMMA.

Nicola Baker, a school receptionist, aged 29, lives with her partner and son, Oliver, two, in Holbrooks, Coventry.

I WAS really interested to watch the programme because I wanted to understand why people smack their children.

I don't smack Oliver. I think it's becoming more socially unacceptable and people are finding other ways to discipline their children, ways which weren't around years ago.

Oliver is quite well behaved anyway and he hasn't done anything really naughty or bad but even if he did I don't think I would smack him.

I prefer using some of the techniques you might see in shows like Super Nanny. If he's done something wrong then I'll get him to go on the "naughty step" for a few minutes.

Sometimes when I'm out I'll see parents smacking their children and I'm quite shocked by it. Some of them seem to smack their children really hard.

I can understand parents losing their temper if their child is really misbehaving but I think they should have more control.

If you smack your child you are saying it is OK to smack someone else. It's hard to say whether the government should intervene or not.

It's such a complicated issue. I was smacked when I was a child though and to be honest I wish the law had been around then about banning smacking because sometimes I thought it was unnecessary.

Children do need protection and if parents are hitting children so hard it is causing injury then something needs to be done.

If I saw someone belting a child I would like to think there was somewhere I could go to report it.

Whether the law acts as a deterrent, I'm not sure. In the heat of the moment it could be difficult to think about the law and I don't think people who do smack their children will have stopped because of the law."


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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 23, 2006
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